This Is Vodafone's iPhone 5 Pricing [Updated]

We've already seen Optus' iPhone 5 pricing, so what does Vodafone have to offer?

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First and foremost, it's worth noting that if you buy an iPhone 5 from Vodafone, it won't be 4G. It'll be on the carrier's recently announced 3G+ network. When Vodafone's 4G network goes live next year, the iPhone 5's 4G will be relevant again.

Here's the full pricing chart:



    Interesting, but NO DEAL for me.

    not with their service quality, no

    Good priced plans. If only I was able to get out of this 2 year contract with out it costing me anything.

    The fact vodafone DOES have 12 month plans is what makes them a winner for me

    Adam Optus will too, just no prices announced as yet.

      Yeah well Vodafone already has those 12 month plans on their website. I have pre ordered with a 12 month plan so I am cheering

    Optus have confirmed no 12 month plans for iPhone.

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