This Is The Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Pricing

The first of the subsidiary carriers, Virgin Mobile now has its iPhone 5 pricing up, just like Optus, Vodafone and Telstra. Check it out here.

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It's worth noting before you start comparing them that Virgin Mobile's iPhone 5 will run on the Optus 4G network. The only major carrier not supporting 4G for the iPhone 5 is Vodafone.

16GB iPhone 5

32GB iPhone 5

64GB iPhone 5

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    so... buying from virgin or buying from optus is the same?

    That's pretty decent pricing. Pity that virgin aren't giving out the extra 2gb of data anymore. On the lower end plans LTE is like having a Ferrari and only being able to drive up and down the street.

      That's why I ordered the PAYG virgin sim and outright iPhone 5 purchase.. Will end up saving heaps over 24 months

        How do you figure that? The monthly payment is $18 at most, plus you get an extra $10 off for BYO. So $28 x 24 months is $672. That is $127 less than buying the cheapest 16Gb model outright.

      Pity they don't deliver. I ordered 6 days before launch, and am now getting the runaround about delivery times, ranging from days to weeks. Poor form Virgin. I should have gone elsewhere up front. I would have had it on release day if I'd ordered direct from Apple instead.

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