This Is The Telstra iPhone 5 Pricing

Telstra's iPhone 5 pricing is now also up, and it follows the carrier's simplified Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large plan structure. Check these out.

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Here is the Telstra pricing for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5:

16GB iPhone 5

32GB iPhone 5

64GB iPhone 5

Check out the Optus and Vodafone pricing.



    As if you would pay that much for an iphone

    and again telstra price themselves out of the competition. as per twice before i'll be off to optus or vodafone until telstra wakes up. argh

      The extra coverage is worth it to me

        +1. I've quickly learnt moving rurally again that no carrier comes close for coverage.

        Agreed. Live in Adelaide and Optus coverage is atrocious even in the CBD. Just pre-ordered on Telstra after being with Optus for 15 years.

        Also don't forget only Telstra supports HD voice

      After breaking a contract with Vodafone, I can tell you with no doubt in mind it's not worth not being with Telstra.

      Dude you pay for what you get. Telstra won't put there prices down because they will get all you tight ars ppl flooding the network.

    Bought the phone outright and keeping my old plan - $59 for $400 calls and 5gb data. Nice to know they've priced everyone else out so my LTE will be nice and fast :-)

      Lol exactly... Will continue to enjoy speedy lte on my one xl ;-)

    YESSSS...More coverage and faster data than all the others!!!

    I left Vodafone for Telstra nearly 2 years ago. It costs extra but it damn well works. I disagree they've priced themselves out of the competition.
    Moving as soon as Telstra will let me rollover my contract.

    Telstra's LTE coverage is a huge factor here. If you don't go with them you're virtually saying you don't care about (or can't afford) one of the lead iPhone 5 features, at least for now. I'm hoping plenty upgrade and leave NextG capacity for me and my 4S!

    Telstra is a premium service, you pay for quality 4G coverage (unmatched by any other carrier in Australia) I came from Vodafone and am happy paying an extra $15-20 a month for a carrier that actually provides what it says it does.

    Brendan, you say Telstra out price them selves, would you care to explain why. Telstra have a much larger Area that they cover. Also you say go to Optus where the phone is $1 cheaper per months. I hope you have fun saving your $1 month spend it wisely

    I left telstra for TPG recently (they use optus) I am very happy with the coverage and reliability of their network. The downside is that Optus's mobile net, at full strength, is about half the speed of Telstras 3G. But $15 a month with more value than Telstras $50... I can handle half speed 3g. There is wi-fi everywhere anyway.

    Is it just me or do Telstra's data plans now have less freaking data ever since they did unlimited SMS?

    1.5GB on the $86 plan? Seriously? I might have to continue buying my phones outright just to keep my 3GB $84 plan with $800 worth of calls + text.

      I thought the same. But when the phone is $999 outright. it still works out cheaper to get a new plan. Even with my half price data from when the iphone4 came out.

        I suppose with unlimited text I can drop a plan and pay the difference in data, hopefully another half price data plan comes up soon.

    I'm staying with Telstra. The $60 plan is good value and in the past 2 years I have never gone over the 1gb limit. That's what home and office wi-fi is for.

    Does Anybody know how much it costs on the below the line $40 Telstra cap plan for an iPhone 5 64gb, seeing that there website fails to mention that plan?

    I think this will be the first time I will be changing to another carrier after 13 years with Telstra. Last time I signed up for a 16Gig iPhone 4 on the $50 cap plan and paid $200 up front for the phone. Going by this however, to do the same thing I would have to front up $408. From what I can tell the $50 cap plan I am currently on is pretty much the same as the small plan so who know what has changed for the cost to go up by $200 .

    Been with Vodafone since 98. Last night I ordered the 32gig on M through Telstra. Sick one having no service in Canberra locations whilst my colleague on Telstra never has any issues.

    The extra few $$$ is worth it for coverage

    It is outrageously expensive, but the only carrier with decent coverage (where I live - 5 kms from Brisbane CBD!). If you're on a BYO plan already, it's actually cheaper to buy a new phone outright from Kogan ($50 discount) and stay on that plan and maybe get more back by selling your old iPhone for a few hundred on eBay. The new phones are the same price as the iPhones 4S was, but the prices are being gouged up excessively. If other carriers had decent service I wouldn't hesitate jumping ship. Rip-off!

    Their plans when the 4S first came out were much better. I'm on the S plan with a 64GB 4S, and I pay $72 a month for unlimited SMS, $550 worth of calls/MMS and 1.5GB data. I'd rather sacrifice $50 of calls/MMS for an extra 500MB of data

      I'm on the same plan Mitch, and couldn't agree more. Admittedly their previous plans were confusing to people, but great options for those who understand the benefits of data over voice.

      The real winner for me is Mog. Unlimited streaming has made a huge difference. I used to spend money on data packs, which I no longer require.

    I'll just buy it outright and then put it on an iiNet plan... I get subsidised just for working for them.

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