This Is The Optus iPhone 5 Pricing [Updated]

We've all been waiting with bated breath to get the iPhone 5 pricing. Will it be more expensive? Will it be cheaper? Optus has taken the plunge first and put its pricing online. Take a look.

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The 16GB version of the iPhone 5 starts on a $30 Optus Plan which gets you 200MB of included data and $200 of included talk and text on a 24 month contract. The handset will set you back an additional $18 per month on that plan.

Optus will give you the 16GB for $0 for 24 months on its $80 Optus Plan which includes 2GB of data and $850 of talk and text on a 24 month contract. You'll get the 32GB for $0 on the $89 Timeless plan, while the 64GB is $0 for 24 months on the $129 Timeless plan only.

As far as the carriers lower plans go, repayments increase in $4 and $5 increments. That is, you'll pay $4 extra per month for the 32GB than the 16GB, and you'll pay $5 extra per month on top of the 32GB for the 64GB.

Here's the 16GB pricing for reference:

Optus is a 4G carrier so all those prices get you 4G speeds, too.

Read all the plans here. Is it what you were expecting?

Thanks for Gareth for sending the link our way.

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    Definitely not what I was expecting. It's the same old crap, no recognition of the fact that 4G will burn so much more data than 3G. Plans should reflect that. Currently using around 2GB per month on the 4S before tethering.

      LOL 4G doesn't use data. People use data. Maybe give the Redtube app a rest? :P

        Redtube has an app??? Excellent, will look for it now!

    How about the in between plans?

    The $60 + $6 looks like the sweet spot.

    I'm guessing this is 16GB iPhone 5

      +1. Hopefully other carriers are similar.

    Maybe this'll help you out:

    Are these prices for a 16GB, 32GB ???? I'm sure there will be a difference

    Telstra has closed registrations already..... they only just open them?

      Should be "just opened them" oops.

    Crap, my 4S 12 month contract plan is $59 for $750 of calls and 2GB with free text, Now it's$60 for 1.5gB & $650.

      You now get unlimited calls optus2optus. Plus unlimited text too obviously. So works better if you have friends and family on Optus. It's $5 to bolt on 500mb of data. Switch to virgin, and you'll get 3gb of data on their $59 plan, $700 calls, unlimited text, international calls & text included, rollover, free virgin2virgin plus free v-mail.

        I am on a $99 timeless plan, unlimited calls, text 5gig data and $100 international call credit.
        And now they want $129 for the same thing , and no tethering . That really sucks.

    Dave your new plan will get you unlimited O2Optus calls.

    I'm looking at the $129 plan, is that the only one with international calling credit? Am I correct in thinking the only difference between $89 and $99 plans are the data? Also, why the hell does the $99 plan need handset repayments? So many questions.

      If the international credit is all you need don't go the 129 plan, go the 89 plan and add on one of these, much cheaper and you can take them off whenever you need to.

    I'm hoping Virgin still offer good value, because I don't really want to change carriers. They've been good to me, and I enjoy getting Velocity points.

    How bout paying this

    WHERE ARE THE 12Month plans OPTUS!?

      Fairly sure Vodafone are the only carrier who do 12 month plans now.

        When I upgraded to my Galaxy S2, I found that they do indeed still do twelve month plans. They just don't advertise them at all anymore.
        Be ready to pay through the nose on monthly handset repayments though. On a $49 cap with Optus, the handset repayments were around $47 a month on a twelve month plan.

          That's almost the outright cos of the phone, you'd be better off buying the phone outright and going MTM with someone like live connected or amaysim.

          Ive been on 12 month plans with optus since the iPhone 3G... hope they give us this option again with the 5!

    What is the price iphone5 in aus

    So optus i get 500mb less data and i have to pay more WHAT!

    Why are only some plans showing? Not all optus plans are showing online and optus won't help

      I'm not 100% sure but I suspect if you want to preorder it you'll have to pick one of the plans they list, if you wait until it's in store you can probably pick whatever plan you like.

    any news on nano sims from optus for existing customers that wanna buy the iphone 5 outright???

    These optus prices have changed since the weekend....
    I registered on saturday morning, and got the 64GB for $89+3.. for unlimited everything and 2GB data..

    I looked today, and that plan is gone?

    Hmmmm....Optus have dropped the $600 value on the $50 Plan to $500? This is after I processed my order!!

    Not happy Optus :(

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