This Is The Optus iPhone 5 Pricing [Updated]

We've all been waiting with bated breath to get the iPhone 5 pricing. Will it be more expensive? Will it be cheaper? Optus has taken the plunge first and put its pricing online. Take a look.

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The 16GB version of the iPhone 5 starts on a $30 Optus Plan which gets you 200MB of included data and $200 of included talk and text on a 24 month contract. The handset will set you back an additional $18 per month on that plan.

Optus will give you the 16GB for $0 for 24 months on its $80 Optus Plan which includes 2GB of data and $850 of talk and text on a 24 month contract. You'll get the 32GB for $0 on the $89 Timeless plan, while the 64GB is $0 for 24 months on the $129 Timeless plan only.

As far as the carriers lower plans go, repayments increase in $4 and $5 increments. That is, you'll pay $4 extra per month for the 32GB than the 16GB, and you'll pay $5 extra per month on top of the 32GB for the 64GB.

Here's the 16GB pricing for reference:

Optus is a 4G carrier so all those prices get you 4G speeds, too.

Read all the plans here. Is it what you were expecting?

Thanks for Gareth for sending the link our way.

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