This Is One Way To Kill Time While Waiting For Your iPhone 5

Did you pre-order an iPhone 5? Waiting can be agonising. You just want that pretty, shiny LTE smartphone in your hands NOW. To help you out in the patience department, Conan O'Brien has put together a tongue-in-cheek primer on how to pass the time. And the solutions sound strangely similar to symptoms of deep depression. [Team Coco]


    Woz himself is in line at the Chermside, Brisbane Apple store!!

    TNT reports 14,000 iphones going out today in sydney'll only get it if you got tracking email this morning....

      Which I did, so I'm busy practicing dinosaur hands!

    Ah, American's... Never partiularly funny to any other race.

      Oh Australians... Never particularly aware of the correct use of apostrophes .

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