This Boba Fett Motorcycle Probably Doesn't Work In Space, Dodge Asteroids Well

Despite being useful for extremely terrestrial purposes, this Star Wars-themed motorcycle would not look out of place cruising through the stars, its exhaust glowing faintly blue, as if to suggest there was some sort of ion engine tomfoolery going on back there. Guess the rider will just have to settle for looking supremely awesome on the rebel scum-filled streets of planet Earth.

The motorcycle itself is a BMW K1200R. As for the modification itself, it's been around since at least 2007, but only bobbed up on the internet at large when it was posted on Reddit a few days ago.

The helmet (below), might be sweet to look at, but it's not so great to see out of. According to the owner it "has very little visibility and not at all safe for the street" and spends most of its time as a show piece. Hey, I'm more than happy to stare at it.


Images: Tattoodles

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