This Gorgeous Bike Is Made From Cardboard And Cost Only $10 To Make

The bicycle is one of the most efficient, environmentally friendly modes of transportation, even centuries after its creation. There's no lack of innovation happening when it comes to bikes either. The latest example is the Alfa: a 9kg bike made primarily of cardboard and capable of holding nearly 230kg.

According to .CoDesign, the belt-driven design of the bike makes it a maintenance-free ride and could even be adapted to house an electric motor. In the works for more than three years, inventor Izhar Gafni is still in the process of raising funds for production, but its an idea so good, it'd be a shame for it not to become reality. Oh, and it only cost $US10 to make. [NewsGeek via No Camels via DesignTaxi via FastCoDesign]


    Awesome. BUT it costs 10 dollars to make and how many man hours of labour? Labour is only free when you build the prototype in your shed, not when you need to make 100,000 of them for paying customers!

      Labor is basically free in the third world. Aesthetics are kind of secondary when you can build something this awesome!

    If they could find a way to mass-produce it and keep the cost down, something like this would be terrific for third-world and developing countries :D

    There is no way known I'd be seen riding that monstrosity! They had better looking bikes in the 1960's!

    Back to the drawind board and try not to make it look like it's made from duplo!

    More like $10 in raw materials. The cost to MAKE is a whole 'nother story

    All fun and games until it rains! haha, I'm sure It's waterproof.

    Awesome concept
    what about stress fatigue of the material?
    is it catastrophic when it occurs? riding down the street and your bike crumbles under neath you = Very OW

    It's not entirely made of cardboard but mostly (mmmm.... Cardboard brakes)
    And since when are belts maintenance free.

    Title Correction: * $10 Wasted Making this Hideous Cardboard Sh*tpile.

    Will it survive bad weather??

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