This Beautiful 1980s Radio Looked Vintage Before 'Vintage' Was A Thing

Take one look at this old teak and leather-clad Roberts radio, and you'll swear it dates to the 1950s. But this UK-made Rolls Royce of radios comes straight from the polyester 1980s. The Roberts R900 is quite possibly the last great radio made before video killed the radio star.

The R900 was produced from 1985-1990, at an age when it's almost impossible to believe that people still bought standalone radios. This was the '80s. Boomboxes! Tapes! Almost CDs! Yup, this radio was designed for people who wanted to go back to the aesthetics of the "good old days" when gear was solidly built and actually sounded good. Funny, those people still exist today. They can bid on this one, currently going for $US233. [eBay via Bureau of Trade]

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