These Samsung Phones Will Be Upgraded To Android Jelly Bean Real Soon

Been hanging out for Jelly Bean, Samsung users? I bet you have. Samsung has just provided some clarity on which handsets will be upgraded to Android 4.1, also known as Jelly Bean.

Here's the list from Sammobile:

• Galaxy S III •Galaxy S II •Galaxy S II LTE •Galaxy Note •Galaxy S Advance •Galaxy Chat •Galaxy Ace 2 •Galaxy Beam •Galaxy Ace Plus •Galaxy Mini 2 •Galaxy S Duos •Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus •Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 •Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 •Galaxy Note 10.1

When can you expect to get some of that sweet Project Butter-laden, Google Now-enabled software goodness? "Soon," says Samsung.

Samsung still has to give these handset updates to the carriers for testing, which in Australia means it'll pass through the labs of Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. [Sammobile]



    I got tired of waiting, and upgraded to Jelly Bean this morning.

    Could have saved myself a lot of work.

    the last sentence means the update will come through maybe 3rd qtr next year

    If you are a Samsung owner can you upgrade without rooting or using roms? Without having to wait for telcos to add their bloatware?

      You sort of can. If someone on XDA gets a hold of the Sammy ROM you can just grab it off them and install it as a manual Android update before the telcos get their grubby mitts on it.

      I did a very similar thing with my Asus Slider.

    I'm a little confused. I have an unlocked s3. Does that mean I will get jelly bean prior to say Telstra Vodafone users etc. I am with Telstra but on a byo plan but have bought the phone outright.

      You'll either get an OTA update, or have to refer to the XDA update method like Jabin above your post.

        You will get in OTA before carriers release theirs.

      If you bought your phone from Telstra and it has the Telstra version of the ROM installed then you will have to wait for Telstra to release it.

    My Galaxy Tab 8.9 3G still stucked with 3.2, looks like my next tablet will be with the dark side.

      yeah, i notices this missing too.. best tablet on the market, and never gets an upgrade..

      Might be worth checking xda: a sammy ics rom for the 8.9 3g has recently been uploaded.

    Just an observation - note that the Apple tribe don't seem to be spitefully sligging mud and giggling at the (apprent lack of) effectiveness of the clarity of the Android OS ? I find it courious and refreshing. Yes, enjoy your sugary goodness.

      You won't get this through normal carrier channels for months, if at all. Telstra et al will find a reason to delay deployment until they can find a way to make you buy another phone.

    S2 4G for sale, still waiting for something other thant 2.3.6... iPhone 5 here I come.

      1. learn to root. its not hard takes 5mins
      2. install jellybean
      3. profit

    No Tab 7.7

    Released in January, and ONLY JUST got ICS.

    That's a no to Samsung in the future from me.

      1. learn to root. its not hard takes 5mins
      2. install jellybean
      3. profit

      I'm gonna do it on my 7.7 later. CM10 is out for 7.7

    This is the problem with the android platform. Such a fragmented market with so many handsets and soon, many different OS's on all of them. As well as people who can upgrade but don't know it as its not advertised very well, essentially cutting them out of having a better experience.

    iTunes - update to iOS point whatever? - yes - done. .....on all models of phones and tablets. Makes sense.

    Not trolling, just pointing out one aspect of the so called dreaded walled garden approach that people just love to bitch about in here. There are positives believe it or not., this is one of many.

      Of course you can pretty much do anything on an Android device that you can on a PC or a Mac. Apps don't have to abide by Google's restrictions, they don't have to be distributed on the Google Play app store, they don't even necessarily void your warranty just for being on your device. Not to mention you can change OS versions and even OS's themselves, I'm currently tossing up putting Ubuntu on my Asus Transformer TF101 tablet, just for shits and giggles.

      When it comes down to it, the arguments which are a detriment to other ecosystems like Windows Phone or iOS, aren't necessarily applicable to Android.

        No shit, imagine HTC or Samsung made an iOS device it's the same deal. And different versions of android doesn't make much difference.. still have most of the features and functionality (like google maps/navigation) even without having the latest

        Android has competition within Android and that's a good thing.

      Not all models get the new update.. Isn't the iphone 3 and the ipad 1 still on old iOS's?

        If I upgraded my dads iPhone 3 to iOS 6 he'd have a heard attack.
        The thing hasn't been plugged into a computer since 2008.

    Jelly bean is a serious contender to iOS. I am running it on my Nexus 7 and running the nightly release of Cyangenmod 10 on my One X. Smart phones are becoming a disposable device, at least that is how I am now treating them. That said, they still need to be able to make phone calls!!

    If Google are serious about the uptake of new OS versions of their sugary goodness, they need to rethink their deployment methodologies. They MUST flex their significant muscle and enforce a couple of things on the hardware ecosystem and device manufacturers;

    1) All new devices are required to have Android OS support for a minimum of X months..

    2) All new droid devices must ship with a first boot option of a choice of either pure android OS or choice of a manufacturer tailored ROM.

    3) As a user i should not be required to trawl 651 pages of an XDA developers thread to interpret the arcane art of rooting & flashing my phone to the latest developer ROM for my specific phone, unless the time period determined in point 1) has elapsed and that the ROM is of a stable variant - hardware options not withstanding.

    ...... well that is my pipe dream

    Updated my Galaxy S1 to Jelly Bean about 3 weeks ago, running better than it ever has.

      How did you do that Dan? I've got a GS1 and its still stuck on 2.3.3. If you can provide me a link that'd be awesome.

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