These Broken Kindle Screens Can Be Beautiful But Are They Art?

Pictures are art. Books are art. In their own way, gadgets are a kind of art. But what about a broken gadget showing (broken) pictures of books? Or a book filled with pictures of a broken gadget showing books?

Whether you think it's art or not, 56 Broken Kindles by Sebastian Schmieg and Silvio Lorusso is just that. On one level, it's a book of cool lookin' pictures. You really can't deny that a Kindle with a broken e-ink screen can generate some neat looking stuff. On another, it's a really weird, extremely meta project that juxtaposes some of the pros and cons of high- and low-tech reading. What do you say, art or just pictures of broken stuff? [Triangulation via The Verge]


    Art is what the artist says it is... Nice work if you can make it pay!

      Not that I agree, but let's say that's true. Who defines who an artist is then?

        The artist, of course.

        (And, by the way, it IS true.)

          I thought it was whatever you could get people to pay for as 'art'. Mostly because there is no real way to define it.

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