There's No Way This Ridiculous Hot Tub Exercise Bike Is Real

The fitness industry thrives by preying on people's insecurities about their bodies. It means even the craziest of contraptions — from Thigh Masters to Tae-Bo dummies — fly off the shelves. But who in their right mind would drop over $US18,000 on this Jacuzzi-wrapped Fit-Wet exercise bike that flushes itself after every use? What are they expecting people to do in there?

According to the cheesy promotional video, the Fit-Wet originated from space and fell to Earth, leaving a fitness club in its wake upon impact. And besides providing extra resistance when pedalling, the bike features a series of jacuzzi jets that blast the rider from all directions. All of those seemingly pointless features supposedly add up to countless benefits when compared to just taking your regular two-wheeler for a spin.

"Engages all major muscle groups for a full-body workout." Yep, because no one ever considers their arms a part of their body. "Strengthens muscles using water, which provides greater resistance than air." Very true, because it's having to fight through our incredibly thick atmosphere that makes exercise bikes effective. "Prevents calcium depletion and decreases the risk of oseoporsis." Because no one wants to grow old and brittle or spell serious bone conditions correctly.

Everything about the Fit-Wet screams either snake oil or visual effects student project. But apparently the company will be demonstrating it at the upcoming Interbike expo. So hopefully we'll get a glimpse of the actual machine in action soon. [Fit-Wet via Gear Junkie]

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