The Yellow Sticker That Detects Emergencies And Alerts Your Contacts

ICEdot (In Case of Emergency) is expanding on ways to make life easier for people injured or involved in accidents. It has worked with a company called SenseTech to create a tiny helmet sensor that knows when you've been in an accident, how severe it was, and automatically trigger your phone to call for help.

When it's available sometime next year with an estimated price tag of around $US200, the advanced ICEdot monitor will use motion and impact sensors to intelligently determine if the wearer has been involved in an accident. Using the new Bluetooth low-energy profile, it maintains a constant connection to a smartphone app, so that when an accident occurs, it can automatically alert the rider's emergency contacts with the time and GPS coordinates of the incident.

It attaches to any bike helmet and has a built-in feature to avoid false positives so that a dropped helmet isn't misconstrued as a nasty tumble. The app initiates an emergency countdown, which can be manually aborted if you set it off by mistake. If you ride in a big city where the 'mind your own business' mentality prevails, this could be the perfect accessory if no one comes to your rescue after a crash. [ICEdot via GearJunkie]

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