The Wire RPG You've Always Wanted To Play

Take on the role of the intrepid and hard-drinking Jimmy McNulty as he sticks it to the man, sails in rickety police boats and tries his best to "give a ****"... despite his efforts being ill-timed. While it's a shame this RPG version of The Wire exists only in video form, it's still very enjoyable.

If it did exist, it'd be the sort of game where one might spontaneously dress as a businessman and attempt to (and fail) to attack your enemies with a neck-tie. Or where the in-game options allow you to change the legality of drugs from "Illegal" to "Amsterdam". Or where one can fight the system — literally — though having powers fuelled by whiskey does not guarantee the sort of awesomeness you'd expect.

Stay with it, at least until "Level 4" at around the 3:40 mark where the gaming nostalgia really kicks in. See if you can recognise the music — I know it's been burned into my brain.

[College Humor]

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