The Vatican Also Hates Prometheus, Probably For Different Reasons Than You Though

Prometheus suffered under a rain cloud of bad reviews from movie fans and movie reviewers alike for poor characters, a boring storyline and plot holes you could fly a ship through, but now the most unlikely of voices has joined the anti-Prometheus chorus: the Catholic Church.

The anti-space horror calls are coming out of the Vatican's official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, which is reportedly saying that the film "mishandles the delicate questions raised by ... the battle eternal between good and evil in yet another attempt to steak the secret of immortality."


It goes on to add: “the journey of Prometheus should instead symbolise the search for the supernatural," rather than the search for the creators of man.

Does anyone have the Pope's number? Give him a bell and let them know that Prometheus isn't a documentary, would you? Side note: if you think that joke is rubbish, it's because all the good ones were far too inappropriate to run. Presented without comment. [Hollywood Reporter]

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    IMDB has a 7.4 rating.
    Metacritic has a 2:1 positive to negative review rating? Why is it cool to hate? It's a good film. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      So did I. I've found something strange though - developers / nerds seem to hate it, where as more social people seem to enjoy it. I work in a web development company: nerds hated, everyone else loved it.

      Went and saw it with 4 other people. One was a developer, he hated it - the other (including myself) thoroughly enjoyed it.

      It looks good and had some great individual scenes. However, I think you can objectively say that the overall film is incoherent. The script requires huge leaps in logic (the creation of the alien requires a huge number of unlikely events to happen sequentially, the crew seems woefully under qualified for their task), the plot is basically identical to chariots of the gods, the characters are flat and behave counterintuitively. In particular, the main protagonist was weak as shit and I think Scott missed an opportunity with Charlize Theron, who was channeling Ripley.

      I walked out of the film and immediately unloaded 20 massive and obvious plot holes on my facebook wall. My particular favorite: "the ships captain is apparently so bad at his job, the other crew members have to kill themselves because they don't trust him to kamikaze properly. Who was their HR recruiter?"

      It does look fantastic, and I think a LOT of people have a halo effect of that.

        The movie was woefully incoherent and the scientists were absolute MORONS. "Heeeey here's an intergalactic SNAKE!!!!! IM GONNA TOUCH IT!!!!!" *sigh*

        I liked certain scenes but others were just retarded. However, if you look up the cut scenes which are on Youtube, they're outstanding and make the movie make a lot more sense, especially Charlieze Theirons character.

        One could easily argue that they were being honorable / loyal to the captain, and realised that they would die anyway on the planet. The line that was something like "you're a terrible pilot anyway" was probably just to lighten the situation since... you know... they knew they were about to all die.

      It's Luke Hopewell, I think he hates everything.

    *Thought, if you're going to spell something wrong at least make it in the article and not the title :)

      No, I think he meant "though"... as in "though, not for the same reason as you"

      He probably meant Though.

        What Rockah said.
        Also, Grammar Nazis are the worst Nazis. THE WORST.

          No. The real ones are the worst.
          Grammar nazis are just irritating. They generally don't go around murdering millions of innocent people. They just make you feel like doing it sometimes though.

    I loved the film and I'm a big fan of the Alien series and the genre. I wouldn't say it was perfect, but it was a whole lot more enjoyable than anything else in this sci-fi/horror category I've seen in a long while.

    As some-one who worships space-jesus and continually fails to do anything properly (particularly my job) and is generally a useless human (aren't we all) I obviously loved the messages Prometheus so subtly conveyed.

    Seriously though, who cares. It makes more sense that the Pope would hate on the movie because he was an Alien fan than because of their terrible version of man's creation.

    To be honest, the movie has less holes its story the than holy book.


      - I for one liked the movie - Was a good watch...

    I didn't find it bad at all. Certainly not a documentary and as long as you didn't treat it that way, it was fine.

    If anything it reminded me of the original Alien movies... You know, how a character goes to check something that's obviously bound to be deadly, and you're wanting to yell at them "run you idiot, it gonna eat chu!"

      I disagree - I rewatched the film recently. The characters repeatedly under estimate the threat, and behave accordingly. The only real exception is the chick in the first film that freezes up. However, that was fairly consistent with her character because she had pretty much already gone to pieces.

      In the first two films, tell me who foes to check something thats bound to be deadly - in the first they think the alien is penis sized for most of the film, then they try to catch it and it doesn't work. In the second, the only scene like the one you describe is orchestrated.

        "the alien is penis sized"

        There's a lot of variables using that unit of measurement.

    The Vatican should authorize the burning of the heretic director at the stake then

    When you go to see most SciFi movies these days, good or bad, you have to be able to suspend your sense of disbelief, otherwise they're all going to be unbelievable, No ?.

      Suspending disbelief is one thing, but suspending common sense is another. True, science fiction is generally "unbelievable" by definition, but most have a sort of "just accept this assumption, and the movie follows from there". For example, Star Wars has assumptions like: the Force exists. From there, it attempts to develop a believable storyline given that it's true - i.e. it's not hard to believe that some would use the Force for nefarious purposes and become corrupted and powerful because of it.

      For me, Prometheus doesn't quite follow from its premise(s) believably. I won't go into more detail as you've probably heard it before. Simple conclusion is that I like a believable storyline if I suspend my disbelief of a few basic premises.

    As a ridiculously juge Alien/s fan, Prometheus was the biggest let down of my film watching life. Illogical character motivations, plot holes galore, ill defined and boring creature creations compared next to giger's terrifying creations, Damon Lindleoff...the man who makes it up as he goes, a woman who runs jumps lifts rolls tumbles straight after a caesarian......there's just too much to mention here.

    Yep, I'm a hater. Won't even be buying the Blu.


      don't forget:
      "Hi I'm the guy with the maps, I hope I don't get lost"
      "Hi I'm the biologist, I hope I meet an alien vagina snake so I can naively try to pat it"

      here's just a couple of the problems.....

    With that title all I could think about was classical mythology and the church's attitude towards the story of Prometheus... I seriously thought this was about theological philosophy, with some sort of tech spin, till I clicked on it.

    I are disappoint :(

    look, if you're not heavily into the lore of the Alien universe, then it's a perfectly serviceable actioner providing you leave your brain at the door.

    For the big fans of the franchise, a complete kick in the balls. And I even went in fully prepared for something new with no Xenomorphs or even direct attachement to Alien. Meh.

    Oh well, I'm pumped for Dredd. Hopefully he'll bring the goods. By all reports, it's a huge yes.

    Seriously, who gives a toss what the Vatican think of a science fiction movie. Remember people, these are the same people who don't believe in dinosaurs, evolution and think the world was made in seven days, why anyone takes then seriously is beyond me. I find most science fiction easier to believe than the rubbish they try to push. Damn I hope they are wrong, otherwise I am screwed when I die.

      Actually the Catholic church doesn't have a problem with evolution, dinosaurs, etc. Only the extremist Christians don't believe in such things

        Oh, I didn't know that, I stand corrected. Guess that highlights my understanding and interest in religion then.

    This sort of movie should be deployed in the likes of Afghanistan, get a really big screen huge speakers (translate it into Persian and/or Pashto) when the Taliban hear and watch it they will want to kill themselves, just because of how bad the storyline is.

    Prometheus was a huge disappointment... huge plot holes and poor characterisations aside, its premise even managed to undermine that of the Alien prequels that I loved.

    I'd never have picked Ridley Scott to do go all Lucas in his dotage.

    I hated the movie. Charlize Theron and the main character chick were the only things holding me back from walking out (charlize's booty, the other chicks acting).

    BUT if the Vatican is going to say their 2 bob worth and say they don't approve, I'd change my opinion to say I loved the movie. Because i'm totally a devil's advocate. (against religious groups)

    I would hate to think of what the Vatican says about - Clash / Wrath of the Titans. According to those movies Zues made man. Quick! Condemn that film too. (all though it was garbage. ARE YOU LISTENING SAM WORTHINGTON?)

    I wonder if the critic in the vatican who came out with this has actually read the bible then?
    Mad, talk about plot holes.
    Eve was made from a bit of bone ripped from Adam.
    They have kids. (remember Eve has Adams DNA, so technically this would be incest).
    Those kids go on to find whole cities of people. Where did THEY come from.
    (actually that very question got me kicked out of Sunday school when I was 8 yrs old.)

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