The Quest To Build A 128-Storey Mega-Skyscraper In The Heart Of New York City

If constructed in Manhattan's Chinatown neighbourhood, the Zhongshan Center would stand 662 metres tall, house 130 elevators, 3000 cars, a revolving restaurant, a shopping centre and a "super-galactic hotel". But considering the proposal for this mammoth building — one that would occupy five square blocks — comes from a retired New York resident, it will probably never happen.

Curbed dug up the proposal for the Zhongshan Center, which was dreamed up by one San Yan Wong, a Chinese immigrant who fosters dreams of a building a structure that would usher in a utopian society where people from all walks of life would gather in the same space. In the same building as these luxury hotels and restaurants would be low-income housing, community spaces, and homes for those whose housing would be destroyed in the name of the Zhongshan Center.

The plan would be to rejuvenate the American economy, promote green energy solutions, and provide the best technology for discovering bone disease (page 89 of the proposal). I mean, what is there to not love about this idea? [Wongbook via Curbed via Animal]

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