The Next Wave: Convertible, Touchscreen Ultrabooks And Tablets

Over the next few weeks, you're going to hear a lot of noise about hybrid laptop/tablets and touchscreen ultrabooks running Windows 8. So what will your next portable computer be? Let's take a look at what's coming soon from big brands like Sony, Samsung, Asus, Acer, Toshiba, Dell, HP and Lenovo...

Microsoft Surface Just Made The MacBook Air And The iPad Look Obsolete

Microsoft has guts. It’s what you get when you’re the underdog. Either that or you curl into an RIM-shaped ball and die. Microsoft is the underdog because no matter how many hundreds of millions of people use its software, the cool and the future belong to Apple. Or belonged, perhaps

Sony Vaio Duo 11 Should Give The Surface Plenty Of Competition

Sony has a new transformer tablet/laptop hybrid, the Vaio Duo 11, which is a sliding converter with a stylus. It looks pretty darn good. The Duo 11 has an 11.6-inch “full HD” touchscreen (16:9, 1080p) and will have current-gen Intel Core Ivy Bridge processors.

Samsung’s New Windows 8 Hybrid Tablets Look Like Galaxy Notes With Keyboards

Samsung is really set on making this stylus thing work. The new Series 5 and Series 7 Slate PCs look pretty good — the versions we saw last week weren’t final — but they might have a little catching up to do as well.

HP Envy X2: This Windows 8 Hybrid Tablet Can Adapt To Any Circumstance

Just as Samsung unveiled a hybrid tablet that docks into a keyboard, HP is doing the same with their 11.6-inch Envy X2. And just like Samsung’s Series 5 model, the Envy X2 will come complete with a dual-core Intel Atom Z2760 chipset, two gigabytes of RAM, and 64 gigabytes of storage space. But what’s most impressive is how normal it feels as either a laptop or a tablet

Asus Taichi: Ultrabook In Front, Tablet In The Back

For those who can’t decide between an ultrabook’s handy QWERTY keyboard, and a slim tablet’s touchscreen UI, Asus has just revealed a hybrid, double-duty display solution. Wait a second: Business in front, party in the back? That sounds awfully familiar.

Dell’s XPS Duo 12 Might Have The Best Laptop Of The Hybrid Combinations

Over the next few weeks, you’re going to hear a lot of noise from manufacturers about how one hybrid product or another gives you all of the benefits of a laptop and a tablet with no compromises on design. The Dell XPS Duo 12 is one of the few that actually seems to back that up.

Acer's Got An Awesome-Looking New 11-inch Touchscreen Ultrabook

While other manufacturers spew out Windows 8 hybrids, Acer is going against the tide with its new Aspire S7 ultrabook. The new 11-inch laptop is the apparent semi-successor to the Aspire S5, and it looks like it could be a winner.

Toshiba Windows 8 Hybrid Laptop Hands-On: Better Than Expected

Toshiba is turning heads with its new Satellite U925T, a 12.5-inch Windows 8 hybrid laptop/tablet. It has the same design as the weird but endearing U845W ultrabook, although it’s not a super-wide 21:9 ratio.

Dell’s XPS 10 Tablet Is What A Laptop/Tablet Hybrid Is Supposed To Look Like

There are a lot of hybrid tablets coming out this year. But while the ones we’ve seen seem to be splitting the difference, Dell seems to be focusing on the best parts of either laptop or tablet. Its XPS 10 is the tablet end of that bargain.

HP’s Spectre XT Touchsmart Has A Screen So Beautiful, You Can’t Help But Touch It

The idea of a touchscreen shoehorned into a traditional laptop form factor still seems a bit strange, but like it or not, they’re coming. And as such, HP’s Spectre XT Touchsmart is a pretty good way of doing it if it has to be done. Instead of using some cheap display panel, the company opted for a 15.6-inch bonded IPS panel, ensuring a screen that’s as responsive as it is vibrant.

Sony Xperia Tablet S Hands-On: Few Quirks, Solid Improvements

It has been exactly a year since the original Sony Tablet S debuted. It was unique and a lot better than the Tablet P, but it didn’t win many hearts. Sony’s new Tablet S comes with the Xperia moniker and improves on its predecessor.

Samsung’s New 10.1-Inch Windows 8 Tablet Challenges The Microsoft Surface

While some PC makers are nervous about building hardware for Windows RT, Samsung is going straight in for the kill with its newly announced Samsung Ativ Tab. Will it be enough to steer people away from Microsoft Surface?

Asus Vivo Tab RT Playing Unreal Engine 3 Game: Epic Citadel

For all we know about Microsoft Surface, questions still abound. Nvidia appears to have answered one of them emphatically today though: Windows 8 games are going to look absolutely sick. See for yourself.

Lenovo Has A Convertible Tablet, Too

As predicted, it’s the year of convertibles at IFA 2012. Lenovo is the latest contender to throw its hat in the ring, announcing — among other things — the Ideatab S2110 convertible tablet that boasts an insane 20-hour battery life.

Archos GamePad For Android Gamers Tired Of Playing On Touchscreens

We were less than impressed with Archos’ last attempt to provide Android users with a hardware alternative to a touchscreen interface. Its Gen10 XS tablet packed a nifty keyboard/cover combo, but everything else was downhill from there. So maybe the company has learned from its mistakes and can deliver a solid handheld gaming experience with its just announced Android GamePad.

Samsung’s Crazy QHD Series 9 Ultrabook Can’t Get Here Fast Enough

Samsung is showing a 13-inch Series 9 ultrabook at IFA with a qHD 2560 x 1440 display. It’s only a prototype, but here is the only reasonable reaction to that bit of news: Hell yes.

Samsung’s First Windows 8 Touch Laptop Is Cheaper Than You’d Expect

Samsung’s new Series 5 Ultra laptop doesn’t look like anything special. But that’s the whole point — it’s for people not looking for anything too out of the ordinary, in terms of both specs and price.

What Will You Do With A Touchscreen Ultrabook?

I didn’t like the idea of touchscreen ultrabooks when the rumours first popped up, and now that they’ve arrived en masse, I still don’t like ‘em. Sure, the product itself is fine, and they work as they’re supposed to, but the concept is just no good.

New Backlit Keyboard Case Brings A Rainbow Rave To Your iPad

If you wish your iPad had a keyboard and frequent dark rooms, ZAGG has a case that might be up your alley. Its new iPad keyboard is not only backlit, but also changes colours. Take that, Surface.


    The Asus Taichi is still the frontrunner for my money. I want something with a at least a 1600x900 pixel screen, Core i7, a good SSD and built-in GPS. I like the idea of the Taichi because it has one screen to put your grubby mitts all over and a separate, pristine one for serious work. I've also decided that I want something a little bigger than my 11.6" Zenbook this time around, mainly so that I can ditch the monitor which currently crowds my table, although I will probably keep using a wireless keyboard with the laptop on a stand/pedestal to raise the screen to a better viewing height. Anything between 13" and 15" would be OK.

    Yeah, I'd forgotten about that. If they get around to a Core i7 version it might make the shortlist.

      What happened to the comment this was in reply to? You can't delete comments, can you?

    Can't wait for some hands on with some of these!

    And some people were worried that Microsoft were killing the competition from their hardware partners. LOL. I don't see any shortage of Windows 8 devices there.

    With the huge variety of devices on offer, I have no doubt whatsoever that the perfect device for me will be among the plethora on offer at some point. For me, portability comes a distant second to gaming power and price is definitely a consideration! It's great to see so many ideas being thrown into the mix to see what rises to the top, and we consumers get to pick the one that suits us best!

      Maybe a Gigabyte one will be good for you if you into gaming. Wait until they come out with a Win8 version of this with a touchscreen. It would be pretty killer i think :) >

    I am wondering.... why there are not cries that everyone (well a few others) are copying Asus? :P

    Looks good though... oh the agony of choice! :-D

    The iPad and Android Tablets has seen us use computers in situations that a normal laptop is cumbersome. I use a tablet every day for field work and my only problems with the above is that if they are bigger or heavier than the iPad then they will defeat the benefit of tablet. The iPad is even borderline when it come to weight and size for all day field use.

    I don't get it.

    The keyboard add-on just seems fiddly and superfluous. Unless it has another processor in it, and why would it? if it did then when you separate the tablet from the keyboard the tablet only has half the power, so what's the point of it being able to split? You can use an onscreen keyboard just fine in pretty much all scenarios so it's not a necessity. The whole point of a tablet is that it's NOT A LAPTOP, so why turn it back into one? Let alone one with a connection that is made to be unconnected/reconnected constantly (which means it will be weaker than a normal laptop hinge and more susceptible to breakage). It turns a convenient device into a more cumbersome one, albeit with less power than a normal laptop (that can fit hardware under the keyboard). I just don't get it.

    The real thing that tablets are missing is A MOUSE. On screen keyboards are fine, but there's not 'hover' state, it's either swipe/tap/hold, but this is becoming a non issue anyway with most websites taking into account tablet/smartphone users and building with HTML5 rather than straight flash.

    The only real step forward in terms of features is including a stylus, like the older HTC FLyer and the new galaxy note 10.1. It utilises wacom technology so that you CAN incorporate a 'hover' state and possibly get more use out of it in a similar way that you can use a laptop with an intuos tablet, opening the door for more advanced programs such as photoshop that require more accurate control. But then you would need to significantly improve the processor/ram power.

      Actually I'd love my laptop to have a great keyboard/trackpad for use on the desk, but also flip/fold/close to so I can use like a tablet on the couch, even if its not as quite as thin and slick as an iPad.

        The idea is great, but your better off using a laptop on the couch then a tablet. The iPad only just get's away with it. Any heavier and it will be hard to hold for any significant time. Where still a year or so from getting a full OS into a tablet with dimension, weight and batterie life of the iPad.

          Not really, I think we are getting some this year. Check the specs of everyhting thats been'll notice there are some x86 tablets that beat the iPad3 in weight. Technically Windows RT is a fully fledged desktop OS - it just won't run legacy apps.

      "You can use an onscreen keyboard just fine in pretty much all scenarios so it’s not a necessity." Who can? Your typing must be incredibly slow if you can type on a screen as well as with a keyboard. I find it much, much slower; slower even than typing on my phone, thanks to the size of the keyboard.

    I keep getting Asus' Yoga and Taichi devices mixed up in my head.

    Thankyou Gizmodo... i have been craving something life this or a similar thing to your smartphone list compilation for ages :D

    Book marked this page right away.

    The surface is still the winner for me although that Samsung Ultrabook looks awesome too

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