The New MySpace Looks Genuinely Amazing

Let's face it. Nobody misses MySpace. It's been the butt of the internet's jokes for the better part of five years now after being bought for $US580 million by News Corporation and on-sold six years later for just $US35 million. Despite the laughs, the MySpace team have been busy, and the fancy new pre-launch trailer and a sexy front page has me wanting the first, great super-network back in my life.

New.MySpace.Com is where the shiny new front page lives, and it sports a spinning record and a signup box inviting you to register your interest in the relaunched social network. Just what are you signing up for though?

In a word? Beauty.

Imagine if the Windows 8 Metro interface -- or whatever it's called now -- was used in a social media setting. Your friend's pictures are beautiful bordered tiles, text boxes float above transparent panes placed on high-resolution feature images, and browsing and discovering music is like a grown-up version of Grooveshark.

Artists can communicate with their most influential fans around the world, sharing photos looks amazing and even curated news looks incredible. Profiles feature your picture front and centre and navigation around the site is achieved by a sleek black bar on the top left hand side of the page. The feed scrolls horizontally rather than vertically and albums feature not just photos, but song playlists, too. It's all so fancy.

Why can't everything on the internet look like this?!

The trailer MySpace have given us is half a demo for the new site and half a plug for Justin Timberlake's back catalogue. Timberlake is actually a co-owner of the site now, but I digress. Regardless, it shows just how much work the team has been doing to restore MySpace to its former glory.

No more HTML profile mods, no more top 8, no more clutter. Just a beautiful-looking place to lounge about and manage your social circles. Honestly, it looks more like a trendy vodka bar than it does a social network.

I'm already waiting on my registration email. Come on already! Anything to get me out of Facebook.

Watch the video in full screen so you can see just how beautiful it all looks.

What do you think of New MySpace?



    This video just confirms it. The world has been taken over by hipsters. Sick of seeing hipsters with iPhones taking instagram shots. ffs

      What is a "hipster"?

        Last time I checked... mens underwear!


          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        A douche

      It's just a phase society will grow out of.

      I hope...

      But then again isn't this just digital photo collaging and scrap booking? They've both been around for years...

      I just pray this doesn't make it when we go virtual. Just imagine walking around in a world filled with that. Plus that music.....


    Instantly sold.

    I can't believe I'm agreeing but it does look pretty amazing.
    I'm not sure how many people will use it, but it definitely looks good.

    positively orwellian. congrats humanity.

    I always used to say that MySpace pages look like someone ate alphabet soup and vomited it all over an HTML document. This new design looks very pretty, but to me, it looks like that's all they've done. Made it pretty. It's still organised in a difficult to read fashion, it's just that now, the vomiter of the alphabet soup also ate a roll of used photographic film.

    Mind you, Facebook isn't guilt-free on this either. The whole Timeline design is also more difficult to read in a logical manner than what they had before (though still far superior to MySpace's design).

      that DOES bring up a pretty good point though. will Myspace be ad-supported? and if so, imagine that same interface, laced with annoying, useless, borderline-fraudulent ads!

        I find that Adblock Plus does a good job on Facebook. The problem is ads that come from friends directly in the news feed. I'm sorry person x, I've subscribed to your posts because you're my friend and I like to read the personal things you post, not about how you're now selling iPhone 4 cases with images printed on them. The whole "social media marketing" thing is just plain annoying, and detracts from the social media it's on.

        thank goodness im not the only one who feels that way

    Looks like they have built it on the new HTML5 and new CSS, ground up. Looks great and I think Facebook might steal a lot of their ideas or even work with them because I think myspace is going to be a place for artists more than Facebook or Google plus users.

    A social network is only as good as the people (the society) that inhabit it. Google+ could have been really good too but there was a lacklustre uptake on it.. Twitter was good for a while but most of the people I network with aren't on Twitter, they're on Facebook.. and as much as I detest Facebook for a variety of reasons.. that's where the people I network with are.. and that's where I will spend my time when socially networking.

    It's really that simple.

    It may look outrageously awesome.. but until it is inhabited by the people I will network with, it is still just another Google+.. or for that matter, a failed MySpace.

      +100 internets

    I'm probably going to make the switch.

      Give another company your data.

        That made me chuckle.

    I'm not really a huge fan of the Metro aesthetic but that does look pretty cool.

    i hope they haven't removed the ability to add beautifully tiled backgrounds and colourful animated gifs.

    The top 8 is still there...

    Microsoft clearly onto a winner with Metro.

    It's going to start getting used everywhere.

    looks cool, but i dont really use facebook so what need would i have for MySpace?

    I'm over it to be honest. I hardly even use facebook anymore, so this has no interest to me at all :(

    Alex, “What is ‘five years too late‘?”

    lol, I only deleted my MySpace account earlier this year. At the time it was so broken I couldn't even read my old private messages for nostalgia. Clicking page 2 would skip all the way to page 8, and there was no way of getting to those messages inbetween.

    Wonder if Tom will still friend me if I come back...

      Tom's now on Google+ and I can say with all honesty that I want to be his friend on G+. He's learning photography and is doing a REALLY good job with it. It's incredible!

    Does anyone else think that the new "myspace" looks very similar to the old nokia lifeblog app(was apart of nokia n-series pc-suite)?

    *shakes fist at Timberlake

    GRR you are not Shawn Fanning - you are a pop star .. i think ... meh

    So.. how long before either:

    1) The customization starts and turns it back into that soggy, soiled mattress you saw at the tip once
    2) If the customization isn't coming back, now long before people whine and leave the site in droves?

    What a cluttered piece of shit. I'm hoping that in ten years, you slap ourself for having been such a sucker that ou ever thought this was good design.

    I'm very interested to find out more information about the new myspace! This was the YAYA markets first experience with social network sites and even though we make jokes about myspace back in the day, I believe YAYAs still have a soft spot for it and will at least give it a shot.

    Lindsay Wright
    Graphic Designer

    "I haven't loved you for a long long time, so why do I feel this way?"
    Nice subtle song choice there.

    I can't watch the whole video, but clicked Play and skipped around it for a few seconds. It might look slick, but for the most part that's thanks to the top-quality photos they've got on there. Once it's filled with the blurry crap all your friends post, it won't look so nice.

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