The Most Beautiful Waste Of Money You'll See

There is really no end to the number of beautiful, expensive objects to buy, about which some might say you're "throwing money down the drain".

"The Cure for Greed" is perhaps the one case in which throwing money away -- or destroying money, in this case -- is absolutely necessary for the creation of the object itself. And you know what? Once you get over the fact that $US10,000 worth of $US50 bills had to be shredded into strips and ground into dust for the sake of art, it's really quite a beautiful process to watch. (See video below.)

It took Diddo, a conceptual artist and inventor, four months to successfully extract and recover the pigment from US currency, after which the ink was re-stabilised and meted out into 5mL crimp-sealed serum vials, then packaged alongside a 24-carat gold syringe and two 24-carat gold-plated needles -- all housed in a personally monogrammed and custom-built box of either mahogany or walnut.

'The Cure For Greed' is an iconic object that sparks an internal and social dialogue on all aspects of 'greed', the benefits as well as dangers of this basic and pervasive human behaviour. It's an invitation to reexamine our assumptions and inject them with the type of energy that will ensure new and evolving perspectives.

Of course, actually injecting your veins with dollar ink is inadvisable at best and potentially lethal at worst. The piece is really something to place somewhere in your home and admire from a distance. [NotCot, ByDiddo]


    Never go full retard...

    I thought it was illegal in the US to destroy money.

      Its paper, it gets destroyed accidentally all the time. I doubt they care if you do it on purpose

        Ahh... I'm not so sure but I think they do care solely when you do it on purpose and in large amounts. The government prints money all the time so if people go around destroying more money it just ruins all their efforts to stimulate their economy or whatever. $10k probably isn't much in the grand scheme of things. So they probably just gave Bill Gates a yell and he authorized it being the money man and everything.

        Unless theirs no problem with destroying monies. XD

          I assumed the money used was bills that had been taken out of circulation to be destroyed

      no its perfectly legal untill you try to buy something with them

    What a load of wank.

      That is an extremely good point actually. If they'd have finished up with a jar load of semen then the statement would've been far and away more profound than what they ended up with.

      The art piece itself is just pure hypocrisy in its rawest, most juvenile form. Reminds me of a parody art piece, the sort of thing Sasha Cohen would think up for one of his characters.

    ...also the cure for aids

      ... >.>

    I actually really like it.
    The headline sums it up perfectly.

    Give the money to someone who really really needs it, make sure they don't waste it on something stupid , eg. like a bottle of black liquid, and your life will be forever the better for it.

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