The iPhone 5 Teardown: What's Really Inside The Next iPhone

Though we've already seen the iPhone 5 in all its naked guts and glory, we didn't get any of the typical iFixit analysis and context of what's going on in there. Well, until now. iFixit is currently tearing down the iPhone 5 and reporting their findings. What will they discover?

We'll be highlighting any of iFixit's updates right along with their teardown:

  • iFixit says because the iPhone 5 opens front-to-back, replacing a crack screen is going to be easier
  • The iPhone 5 battery is 3.8V — 5.45Wh — 1424mAh compared to the iPhone 4S battery (3.7V — 5.3Wh — 1432mAh) and the Galaxy SIII battery (3.8V — 7.98Wh — 2100mAh)

It sure looks pretty inside, especially so for any gadget guts fetishists out there. [iFixit]

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