The iOS Apps Updated For The iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5 and its bigger screen is here. And to take advantage of all four-inches of that taller screen, you need apps that are updated, optimised and ready to look bigger and better than ever. We got 'em all listed for you right here.

Apps that aren't updated for the iPhone 5 will appear letterboxed — meaning it won't take up the full 4-inch screen — and probably scorch your eyeballs. You don't want crappy apps ruining your brand new iPhone 5 and burning your eyeballs, do you? So download these iPhone 5 ready apps:

Click on the app name to download. We'll be updating throughout the day, so keep checking back in!

Updated Iphone Apps:

Updated Iphone Games:

If you're looking for a list of ALL the apps that have been updated for the new iPhone 5's four-inch display, check out AppShopper. They list every single app that's been updated to look lovely.

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