The Gangnam Style and Call Me Maybe Mashup Is Here, And It's Wonderful

Remember the first time you ever heard your favourite band? What about the first time you heard Queen, or The Beatles? Now think back to that time, because this is the exact opposite to that. Unless you're a pop fanatic like me, and then this is incredible. Presenting Call Me Gangnam, the inevitable mash-up of PSY's viral hit Gangnam Style and Carly-Rae Jepsen's Call Me Maybe.

You have my permission to set this on loop at full volume all day. If anyone has an issue with it, tell them Gizmodo sent you.

Scroll down for the original tracks.

PSY -- Gangnam Style

Carly Rae Jepsen -- Call Me Maybe

Thanks to Adam for sending this over. [SoundCloud]

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    In my head im a DJ. im totally dropping that into my set. Then id kick it Howard moon style and drop in the weather forecast

    Only a matter of time before this goes on Glee... Hope that masher gets his/her patents down pat first :)

      >Twitch< >Twitch<

      Copyright. Gets his/her COPYRIGHT in order.

        I lol'ed so loud the missus come and read it.

        She doesn't understand trolling though....

    Dear god that was terrible it took all the fun out of gangnam style. It is better then original call me maybe but worse then original gangnam style.


      It doesn't fit Gangnam Style at all.

        Agreed. Just something trying to ruin something I like D=

    Considering he was signed by Scooter and Bieber featured Carly already, this may be performed live hehehehe

    It would be better in reverse with Gangnam Style music.

    No, it's gay.

    swap the songs... and then maybe we have a deal

    Not much of gangnam style in here.

    Heres a video for that mashup as well:

    this is actually a terrible remix.. who would ever promote this as good?

    Oh god, why did I listen to this? I don't like dance music in the first place >.

    Needs moar Gangnam style. Still, would be interested in hearing a different mashup.

    That was a shit mashup, for shame.

    Well, to be fair, it was nothing to be taken seriously and started out as a joke between my cousin and I. It was never meant to be the best thing ever or to be something that went viral. If I had being big in mind, I would have done a much better job on it, but I really didn't think of it at the time. Now I'm sitting here watching it blow up and all I can think is 'WAIT WAIT WAIT THIS ISN'T THE BEST I CAN DO, I CAN DO BETTER, I PROMISE".

    awesome mix of the year.. here is the YouTube link of this songs

    It's really just "call me maybe" with "gangnam style" clips thrown in with the same key and BPM.

    Still. good job.

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