Telstra Prices Its Samsung Galaxy S III 4G

Telstra is the latest carrier to confirm pricing and availability details for the new Samsung Galaxy S III 4G, with the telco confirming that the handset will be ready to pick up from 9 October. How much will this new speed boost set you back, though?

The Galaxy S III 4G on Telstra will be available in the second week of October on the carrier's $60 Every Day Connect plan. That plan gets you $600 worth of calls and texts, along with 1GB. The handset will cost you an extra $6 per month for 24 months.

You'll get the phone for $0 over 24 months if you sign onto Telstra's $80 Every Day Connect plan, which includes $800 of calls and texts, as well as 1.5GB worth of data.

As far as colours are concerned, you'll be able to choose from Titanium Gray and Onyx Black.