TechEd Australia 2012: The Wrap-Up Video

After a hectic week at TechEd Australia 2012, Lifehacker editor Angus Kidman sat down with our Windows Server 2012 bloggers Craig Naumann, David Klemke and Terry Lynch to ask them their thoughts about Windows Server 2012 and what they had learned.

The team also share their thoughts on how to survive and make the most of future TechEd events. Having these guys along for TechEd 2012 was a total blast: it's great to have professionals with deep technical know-how discussing how new developments will change their working environments. Thanks Craig, David and Terry!

Music: Origami Repetika

Visit Gizmodo's TechEd 2012 Newsroom for all the news from the show.

Disclosure: Jason Cartwright attended TechEd 2012 as a guest of Microsoft.



    Was there and loved the week! So much cool stuff coming our or just become available... The main thing I took out of it was learn PowerShell!! :)

    Good coverage guys. Very informative. If anyone wants to learn more you can check out the Server 2012 Launch site >

      Lots of great demo videos for all the topics Giz has reported on throughout the week

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