Target's Response To Canberra Apple Store Opening Was To Send In The Clown

Yes, just the one. You have to give Target credit — if you can't draw crowds yourself, why not take advantage of the pulling power of Apple? Seems this is precisely what a couple of retailers did this morning at the official opening of the consumer giant's new Canberra outlet.

Current managed to get a snap of the clown, who was carrying a battalion of Target-branded white balloons and sporting a rainbow-coloured wig. Also having a go was Radio Rentals, with staff members providing queuers with brochures featuring Apple devices.

Did you line up at the Canberra Apple Store today? Let us know in the comments... especially if you took a few photos of the new shop. Or the clown.

Both are fine, honestly.


Image: London Apple Store, / Flickr, licensed under Creative Commons 2.0

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