Syrian Rebels Hack Together Digital Cameras To Replace Machine Gun Scopes

Rebels in Syria are not satisfied with the munitions and technology readily available to them. So, increasingly, they're building their own badass battle tools. New York Times' At War blog is discovering these crazy awesome DIY weapons, such as a machine gun that uses a digital camera instead of a traditional scope.

What is its purpose? Only in the digital age would you guess it. The hole has been tapped to receive a standard tripod mount for a digital camera, affixed so that the lens points down the barrel's length. Thus installed, the camera is then put on video mode, and the lens zoomed out to the horizon. The camera's LCD screen then serves as a long-range sight - a live video feed allowing the man firing the weapon to observe the path of the tracers relative to an aircraft or distant vehicle much more closely than he otherwise would.

You can see the awesome mount in the picture, marked by a big red dot. And this isn't the only hack the rebels are using. At War will continue to explore all the other tricks the forces have invtented to aid them in their battle to unseat President Bashar al-Assad. The whole piece is a worthy read. [New York Times]

Image: C. J. Chivers/New York Times

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