Stunning Aquarium Bed Redefines Sleeping With The Fishes

Forget about the race car or canopy bed you dreamed about as a child. This custom-made aquarium headboard makes your boring Forty Winks setup just about the most amazing place you can rest your head at night -- and possibly the most distracting.

The 2460-litre tank spans the top of the bed and rests on a pair of matching tables on either side. The folks at Acrylic Tank Manufacturers, who created this masterpiece, have cleverly integrated a set of bedside lamps into the tank itself. But for $US11,500, let's hope there's some way to completely darken the tank. Otherwise you could be wide awake watching Nemo swim all night. [Acrylic Tank Manufacturers via The Fancy]


    I do hope for $11,500 it would have a completely silent filter.

      Being salt water, I would think the filter tank would be in another room

    Looks great, maybe at a hotel for the night? After having several fish tanks for a few years (MTS-you fish keepers know what I'm talking about) i can say that the last thing I would want is my (ridiculously large BTW) fish tank & my bed combined. Noise, smell, bacteria, filters, lights, bugs it will attract, water getting on the bed, the constant, ball shrinking fear that you're going to wake up to a leak etc. Not to mention acrylic tanks bow & warp, and add to all that the feeling of self loathing if you don't get to clean it regularly enough (again, ridiculously large tank, can't stress that enough) literally hanging over your head each night..
    Looks cool tho :-)

    I'm sure there's a switch to turn the lights off. I'm more concerned about how to change the globes...

      The author seems to think that fish don't sleep. If you have LED's you'd only have to change the lights every few years, but in saying that there are other things you have to maintain in the tank, it's going to be very difficult to maintain the tank while trying to stand on top of the bed.

    I wouldn't like any fish near my bed!

    Louie: Hey, I thought you said Troy McClure was dead.
    Tony: No, what I said was: "He sleeps with the fishes". You see...
    Louie: Uh, Tony, please, no. I just ate a whole plate of

    The absolute worst thing you could do in feng shui is this lol

    The arch design means, your view is not obstructed by fish poo. Very clever!

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