Study: Your Curved Beer Glass Could Be Making You Drink Faster

Study: Your Curved Beer Glass Could Be Making You Drink Faster

Sometimes we want nothing more than to kick back at the end of a long day with a beer or two. But depending on the glass you’re drinking from, you may work through your brew faster than you expect.

Research carried out at the University of Bristol, UK, shows that the shape of beer glasses has a big effect on how quickly you drink. The researchers gave participants beer to drink from differently shaped glasses, and then measured how long it took for them to finish their beverage while they watched TV.

The results, published in PLoS One, show that participants given 350mL of beer in a straight-sided glass nursed their drink for 13 whole minutes, while those who were handed the same quantity in a curved glass knocked it back in less than eight minutes.

But why the difference? The researchers suggest that it’s to do with perception of volume: drinkers, the scientists claim, pace themselves according to how quickly they reach the half-way point down their drink. In a fluted glass, it’s more difficult to work out where that is, so self-moderation flies out the window.

So, if you’re planning to wake up without a hangover next week, opt for a straight-sided glass. Or, if you’re quite the party animal, ask your bartender for a curved glass. [PLoS One via Science]

Image: St0rmz/Flickr