Steve Wozniak Is Becoming An Australian Citizen

Woz loves Australia. He's said so every time he's been down here. One assumes that he says that to every crowd in every town he goes to, much like a rock band playing a particular city would. "We love you [City Name Here]!!" kind of thing. But Steve Wozniak genuinely loves Australia, so much so that he has applied to become an Australian citizen.

Woz says that he's currently going through the motions to get Australian citizenship because he loves Australia so much. He won't surrender his US citizenship or passport, rather he'll hold onto both as a dual citizen once the process has been completed.

Where would Woz live when he becomes an Aussie? Well he told a Queensland radio program last week that he'd love to live in Melbourne.

Here's what he told Queensland radio last week as he waited in line for the iPhone 5 in Brisbane:

I am underway to become an Australian citizen. That's a little known fact. Probably Melbourne. Turns out that I get to keep my American citizenship and I call myself an Australian and feel Australian and study the history and become as much of a real citizen here as I can.

Who wants Woz as their neighbour? [4BC]


    Welcome aboard Aus Woz

      Just realised, Woz has a big schnoz..

    He didn't arrive by boat did he? /trollface

      Yeah, I don't like the look of that beard either.

        +1 for the lols

      No, he applied the correct way and waited his turn

    " study the history "

    He'll probably be one of the few 'Australians' that have actually study/know our history

      Some white people showed up on boats, killed the natives, mined some gold and then formed something resembling civilisation. Fairly typical British colonial stuff.

      Oh and some important guy went for a swim a few years back and still hasn't come back for tea.

        Holt your horses there mate!
        There's no reason to be jumping to conclusions about about these matters!!


          Things like this are why Australians have a great reputation for taking the piss around the world -


    Woz should live in Canberra when he becomes an Australian citizen. I know, most Australians have a very poor opinion of Canberra but that's because they associate the city with politicians and because they mostly have not been here or have been here for too short a time. Canberra has everything and then some. Little known fact: Canberra is the quality capital of the entire universe!

      But Melbourne is still the worlds most livable city.

        Your both wrong, it's Sydney. Try saying that with a straight face lol

          North Ringwood...

            I've got a three bedder in Derrimut you can have for cheap mate.


        Surely Harvz is trolling

      I've been to Canberra. Place was dead. SO, SO, boring!!!

        Whenever outer staters that wouldn't appreciate canberra anyway show up, we all hide behind the bushes and trees and point and laugh at you, that's why some ppl think the place is dead, its our secret camo to keep the drongos like you away! :P

    Woz, welcome to Oz

    Woz for PM?

      No, Woz for Prez.

    Can we have this confirmed somehow? If it's all true and he moves to Australia then Welcome aboard mate, welcome to the greatest country in the world.

      i love Australia too but it is a long way from being the greatest. Just look at how we treat the poor & disadvantaged

        Wow! Wrong example to use there =P! If you take how we treat our poor and disadvantaged as an example of a country's greatness I think you'll find we're anything BUT "a long way from being the greatest" =)

      loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool it is not the greatest country in the world.

    Are we SURE it's really Woz... and not just Capt Paul Watson looking to finally come in from the high seas ;)

    Even though I hate Apple, this guy is a legend in my eyes.

      +1 Couldn't have said it better my self :)

    I met him on Saturday night, very nice humble guy.
    Hope he picks Sydney!

    Bonnie Doon. Lakes, Mountains and beyond serenity.

    He can become the "Wozard of Oz".

      He's Australian, not a New Zealander

    Awesome stuff. Fine taste in wanting to live in Australia - and what a great jusge of character to then also choose Melbourne ;)

    Welcome aboard Woz. Great to have a Tech Legend wanting to base himself here.


    Maybe he should look at Kangaroo Island... that's where the early American whalers settled and he could live amongst really down to earth Aussies on American River... Bet he's never heard of it and it would help him with acquiring more of our history if he had a look before settling... No "Rat Race" and he'd never "Roo It! "

    Woo hoo! Another American joins me in the pursuit of the passport with the funny animals on it!

    Repost to my facebook coming in 3-2-... oh wait, I'm at work, I have to do it on my phone....

    Tasmania where apples were invented

    Hey, he is number 19 in Sheldon Cooper's favourite people, cannot be that bad

    Onya Woz! BBQ at my place this Sat. BYOG (Bring your own gadgets)

    Maybe he'll help us reduce the "Australia Tax"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    On a more serious note - yes, he is a legend and adds further weight to the innovation strengths of the Australian ICT sector.

    Wozzie!!! Wozzie!!! Wozzie!!!

      Oi Oi OI........a day late but I cannot let you hang like that

    We must have made a good impression on him last year lolz!

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