Stealing An iPhone Is The World's Stupidest Crime

Here's a nominee for silliest way to get caught for committing a horrible crime of the year: a man stabbed a woman in a domestic dispute in Los Angeles and then stole her iPhone. Unfortunately for him — you already know where this is going — the police used Find My iPhone to determine the man's location and promptly arrested him.

It was a fairly quick process. The Los Angeles Daily News reports:

The man stabbed the woman in the arm in the vicinity of Wilshire and Beverly Glen boulevards on L.A.'s Westside and took off with her iPhone around 12:15am... Detectives used an application on the phone to follow a signal to a home in Pasadena, Bone said. The man was taken into custody at a home at Alameda Street and Avocado Avenue just before 5:00am

The trek from West LA to Pasadena is a decent distance, so you could imagine the man thinking he got a good deal on his iPhone. Thankfully the cops nabbed him and the woman, who is presumably fine, got her iPhone back. [Daily News LA]



    Not really, out of the 20-30 "omg I lost/had my iphone stolen" posts I've ever seen on facebook, one of them had activated find my iPhone.

      There's been other stories too where the police didn't consider this as evidence enough to follow through any sort of an investigation on. They weren't stabbing crimes mind.

    It's also digital trespassing if you perform this action to reveal the address of the phone and use it in court. The offender is within their right to press charges against you. Although futile as the offender will still be found guilty. You may end up with a fine for your trouble.

      Complete and utter nonsense Symo.

        I think he is quoting an article that was on Gizmodo recently. The robber is attempting to use "digital trespass" as means of escaping and counter-suing.

      It would be digital trespass if it was somebody else's phone you were tracking. If it is your own phone, you can do what you like.

        Not if its using their wifi, If they connect it to their Wifi you are technically trespassing on their network.

          getting the phones location wouldn't use somebody's wifi connection, it would use the GPS in the phone!
          There is no defence to been tracked down for STEALING somebody ELSES phone, any judge who allows this should either be sacked or is on drugs

      Are you sure about about this? I read that someone's tried this as a defence but has it actually been established under common law?

        No, some idiot is currently trying this after they were found with not only the stolen iOS device, but a garage of stolen goods, and the police have said it's utter nonsense.

        There is no precedent.

        S0 you're saying that a judge on drugs does not need to be sacked.

        In all seriousness i think these applications are excellent, and should be used more often by everybody.

          Oh wow this is stupid, reply place changed. ahh

    Tried as a defense, don't think it'll get far, judges are too busy to listen to that kinda nonsense.

    If you turn off the phone and do a full wipe when you get home, what then?

    I haven't stolen an iPhone, for the record. =P

      Nothing will happen. :) However the IMEI can still be blocked.

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