S**t Apple Fanatics Say, Part Two

Scott Rose, the guy behind S**t Apple Fanatics Say, sent over the latest instalment of his hilarious satire reel. Same stuff, still funny.

Thanks, Scott!


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    i know people like this, and i hate them.....

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    The funny thing is not what Apple fanatics say it's the conviction they say it with. Brainwashing!

      Their conviction is nothing compared to the conviction with which the haters hate

        "Haters Hate"? My goodness that's such an adolescent sort of thing to say!
        Perhaps you could change it to something more adult like "Vehemence of the detractors"? That would sound a lot better.

    Another employee at work today "How do I get it to list alphabetically?" 'Uh...click the top if the column where it says name and it'll sort it for you' ..."God I love my Mac I would never have to do that on it" ... felt like smacking him

    Last time I used an Apple product? Circa 1985 - never again, ever.

    ...and the current "let Apple take control away from the end-user thing" irks me.

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    My comment will be deemed inappropriate and I have removed it myself.

    Ooh lots of "inappropriate" comments today, looks like somebody didn't get apple care. :-*

      They didn't get Apple Care!?

    I just want to bundle a bunch of these comments together and say "Cool story bro!"

    Now lets make a S**t Android Fanatics Say!

      I don't think I've ever met one... Android users just use their phones. If anything I would say there are various flavours of 'handset fanatics' as opposed to android fanatics.

        what you just said could be the first line in S**t android fanatics say! :D

      Well then go ahead and make one. See, the thing is, everyone could make a 'S**t Apple fanatics say' video, because they're all the same and all spout the same crap. What quotes would you use for an Android user? I can think of just one: it's open, not closed. Oooooh, burn!

        A S**t Android fanatics say video would consist of Android users talking about Apple

    Microsoft fans are more annoying, because they have bitterness in the mix as well.

    Android has users.
    Apple has fanatics.
    Android users aren't fanatical about Android, we just hate Apple fanatics

    If next version of Android comes out with iVoice (free phone call to other Android users), I'll be an Android fanatic.

      That will probably never happen because the carriers will stop making money on voice calls. They would never allow that.

      Just download the Skype app and use that. Doesn't even need to be Android to Android either.

      There's Viber, which is cross-platform for iOS and Android... That's why I think it's stupid how Apple fanatics rave about iMessage when it's limited to only iOS devices, whereas Whatsapp works on pretty much everything

        Not to be "that" guy (as in a "it just works" kind of guy) bit iMessage DOES work better than Viber. That said I love Viber and free texting all my android buddies.

        Also the free calls is amazing

      Android users should chill out. Android users always crap on about what Apple users (don't) do, (don't) think. Apple users don't give two craps about what `roid ragers do

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        That explains why they scream and hoot "COPY!" and are still the first to view videos of some new Android phone, while Apple itself runs to slap a lawsuit and tries to gather 2 dozen witnesses to prove it. See? Apple user - denial. You people just deny everything, thats all. And thats always amusing. Which is when the Android user will make fun of you.

          Dissmeister, you totally don't get it do you? I made a comment about Apple users not giving a flying fat frog's arse about what Android users think, say or do. This has nothing to do with Apple users noticing the cheap and nasty Asian homages to Apple design.

            BTW, my household runs a mix of Apple hardware/software and Microsoft and Linux software on various yum-cha hardware and Google software on non-Asian hardware. Our policy is "the right tool for the task". Samsung make fine TVs and halfway decent fridges

            What? "Cheap and nasty Asian homages to Apple design"? That just rules you right into the class of iTool, my friend. Apple didnt exactly come up with these designs themselves, they used devices from OEMs like LG, SONY, even Samsung for inspiration. Re-read my comment again, its you that doesnt get it. If Apple users dont care about Android, there'd be a lot less hating on tech blogs or Youtube videos. Neither would people like you come up with kiddy jokes like: "cheap and nasty Asian homages to Apple design". As far as cheap and nasty goes, I hope you do realize, the latest iPhones are being produced by materials of a lower grade than what Samsung uses for their devices. Along with a lower price tag than what Samsungs best offers.
            As for your household policy- that is true, I agree with you there, but comparing an iPhone with Samsungs greatest: Galaxy S3 or Note 2, or any high end Android device; the iPhone is definitely not as impressive.

    +1 for Viber

    <3 Jay. Keep it flexible man! :)

    It's funny to hear people say there are no Android fanatics. Why is it, then, that ANY time there is an Apple-related article, anywhere on the Internet, there's always an army of (presumably bored) Android users ready to pounce and proclaim how awesome their platform is, how YOU made the WRONG choice, and how different and superior they are to Apple users. This kind of behaviour may suggest that you're struggling to justify your choice, actively looking for the approval of your peers.

    The truth is, every platform has its evangelists. Every platform has a subset that makes the whole group look like dopes.

    My name is Phil, I have an iPad, a Galaxy Nexus, a Macbook Pro, a powerful custom-built Windows gaming desktop, and an ESXi server with a handful of Linux and *BSD VMs. May as well make a "S**t Multiplatformers Say" video, because I'm hardly unique among netizens. :)

      Yet that isn't what Jay is saying, apparently Apple fans don't care and droid fans do.. not sure where that <3 is stemming from them.
      You on the other hand are quite right, there will be fanboy twits everywhere and for everything, some may have more than others, but you can't exactly quantify them beyond your own individual experience.

    Is Apple Fanaticism an American affliction?

    Funny as bro!
    sent from my iPad

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