Spraypant Spirograph: Banksy For Beginners

The Spirograph completely revolutionised doodling as we know it, and Narcélio Grud hopes it can do the same for street art which is commonly looked at as nothing more than graffiti. His machine lets anyone who's unskilled with a can of spraypaint make complex patterns with a spin of its wheel.

Assembled from an array of bike parts that ride around a ring made from a bent metal pipe, the contraption automatically spins an attached can of spray paint leaving intricate designs on a wall. And instead of swapping out different sized gears to vary the patterns, the user just needs to reposition a couple of bolts for a new design. If only the whole thing wasn't so bulky, making clean getaways if the cops show up next to impossible. [Vimeo via Technabob via RebelArt via Nerdcore]


    except it looks like crap

      It sure as shit does. He can't even do the normal pen-on-paper spirograph properly.

      Why does the fram need to be so far out from the wall? Mount the can inside the small wheel and move the entire structure closer to the wall.

    Creative and purposeful with a total respect for his ingenuity and artistic skills, right up until the point where he sprayed on a public wall. Spray it on a canvas and it definitely is some form of art. Spray it on someone else's wall and he needs that spray can shoved right up his.....

      Pretty sure he would have had permission. He'd be pretty stupid to post a video of his crime.

        You would be surprised how many people do it though....

          It's street art. Do you think Banksy or Reka or ROA or Lister or Meggs have permission? If the space can be improved by artistic expression then go ahead. Vandalism (AKA tagging for the sake of damage) is a completely different story.

          It's also probably worth noting that there was a friggin person pulled cart rolling across the frame. When the wall is falling down, nobody is going to mind a bit of spraypaint...

      It was broad daylight with a bunch of people around.

      Doesnt exactly look like its a crime.

    yeah that just looks terrible

    Waste of a hell of a lot of paint! Oh, and those wondering if he had permission... did you even look at the neighbourhood?

    Banksy is a stencil artist whose work usually has some kind of social or political statement. This guy makes ugly, meaningless blobs of paint using a steel contraption that required a small workshop to build. Banksy for beginners? Your headline makes no sense.

    Sorry, but I agree with the people who have said it looks terrible!

      You don't have to apologise.

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