Spherical Wheel Motorcycle Makes It Dangerously Easy To Weave Through Traffic

Taking inspiration from the spherical-wheeled Audi RSQ concept seen in the film I, Robot, a group of engineering students have created a similar concept — except it has just two wheels.

Besides an eco-friendly electric drivetrain, the bike's spherical drive system is promised to be safer than a traditional motorcycle since the front wheel can't suddenly turn sideways and jackknife. Those giant spherical wheels, made from carbon fibre and fibreglass covered in industrial rubber, make manoeuvring and parking an absolute breeze since the bike can move sideways just as easily as it can move forwards and backwards.

The students from San Jose University behind the concept hope to have the vehicle fully assembled and running by the end of the year, but whether or not such a design would ever go into production remains to be seen. While it's great they're remaking the car from I, Robot, couldn't they have fixated on The Fifth Element instead? I want my flying taxi!

[Spherical Drive System via OhGizmo! via Damn Geeky]

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