Speaker-Packed Bed Is Everything Teenage Guys Want And More

There is a time in every young man's life when a jam-pumping bed with a hi-fi leather headboard would seem like a great idea. It represents success, it represents excess, and when used to play Barry white, exclusively, the ladies would love it.

But when you grow up, you hopefully realise that it is foolish to spend $US560 on what is probably a really crappy bed with equally crappy built-in speakers. The design is supposed to be free of hanging wires, but with a lack of Bluetooth or AirPlay support, you'll have to tether your audio device with a stereo headphone cable. At least the volume controls are conveniently built into the side of the headboard, so at the key moments, you can really crank it up.

The most bizarre option with this product is that you can choose a smaller single version for just under $US500. If anything's worse than luring innocent women back to your slow jam love lounge, it's choosing to sleep in a speaker bed alone.

[Time4Sleep via The Red Ferret Journal]

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