SparkRecipes: Ditch Your Fast Food Habit

Watching your waistline and your spending? Definitely stop getting takeaway food right this second. And then check out this app for iOS and Android called SparkRecipes.

What does it do?

SparkRecipes offers up nearly 200,000 healthy, affordable recipes.

Why do we like it?

Eating healthy sucks. You would almost always rather eat grease-soaked pizza than raw broccoli. But it doesn't have to be that bad if you have the right cadre of delicious recipes. Here you have something that gives you non gut-busting ideas. Bonus feature: a simple measurement conversion tool will help you out when you're wondering how many teaspoons there are in a cup, for example. Walk away from the bucket of fried chicken slowly.


Download this app for: iOS, Android (free) The best part: measurement conversion The worst part: eating healthy doesn't always taste as good



    If it doesn't taste better, you're doing it wrong. Or your tastebuds need training.

    I am going to get this app. My waist has expanded a little too much the last 2 years. This is the push I need to reverse the damage!

    "Definitely stop getting takeaway food "
    There's nothing wrong with the idea of takeaway food.
    It's the choice of food that matters.
    Takeaway Chinese stir fry for eg is (generally) as healthy as anything you're likely to whip up at home.
    A big Mac or Whopper on the other hand is only ok maybe once a month at most.
    There is no such thing as "bad" food. it's all just food and the body will take from it whatever it needs.
    The problem occurs when eating too much of any one kind of food, (fatty / sweet) and forget to get your a$$ off the couch.
    The best and healthiest food, is the food you vary and eat in moderation.
    I rarely eat maccas or KFC mainly because the fresher food I keep in my cupboards and fridge are generally more convenient (and often more tasty anyway) than heading off to the drive-through.
    Also, as Ostrich suggests, very often it's the taste buds that need to be re-calibrated as it were.
    Eat more fresh fruit and veg and after a while you find that those kinds of foods actually become preferable.
    A Quarter Pounder with cheese used to be one of my favorite foods, but these days they tend to taste fatty compared to the food I usually eat.
    Apps like this are a good way to try out something new and different if nothing else.

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