S**t Apple Fanatics Say

You're so vain, I bet you think this Youtube video is about. Don't you, don't youuuuu?

Well, maybe it is. And if you're an anti-Apple fanboy, well then you'll probably enjoy hate-watching this too. Either way.



    I like Apple,but guys like this piss me off

    If Apple created a city it would be end up like the planet Miranda from Serenity.
    A beautiful, intuitive husk.

      And be just like the Matrix where you're just a pawn in someone else's game and have no control over anythi... oh.

      I agree with this so much that i posted it on my facebook wall.. You my friend are a genius

    I've met people like this, and I wanted to kick them in the face
    Hipsters in general as well

      Yeah this would not be funny unless it was true, and unfortunately it is. I've met several people who are almost exactly like this. It's unbelievable that there are people out there that think this way but there actually is.

      I'm hoping it's the minority and they are giving the rest of the regular Apple users a bad name, but I've met far too many of them for me to come to the conclusion that they are a minority.

    "if you're an apple fanboy" not "your". (Picky I know)

      Actually, you're not being picky, Gregtronbomb. People who are supposed to be "journalists" should learn how to write (right?!) before hanging s$&* on others. Back to school, Molly!
      No, not a fanboy - I just hate bad grammar!


    Can't wait for the new iPhone. bye bye current phone - galaxy s3.

      Lol, you spent 500 dollars or so on an S3 in the last couple of days/weeks/months but now "you have to get rid of it for new iPhone?" Be a little more obvious Mr Apple PR person. I am not sure if your obviousness is part of the plan to not look like a paid apple PR employee. Probably aye.

        If he really loved Apple, I'd be wondering why he got a Samsung in the first place. Aside from one of my lecturers, the only person I know who's straight out told me they loved Apple used it in the past tense. The only thing stopping them switching is the "retina" display, as they are legally blind.

        And I am not sure if your obviousness is part of the plan to not look like an asshole... Probably aye.

      you need a vertu

    looks like that cillian murphy guy.

    tap with two fingers to right click...

    Hahaha so good, i own an macbook pro, i see myself saying some of that stuff sometimes.. *facepalm* :|

    You know what would be good, if Apple managed to conjure up a marketing campaign that encouraged people to talk about there products without spending a dime on marketing, i.e. word of mouth! Oh wait, they do already it is called the rumour mill. In other words they are successful because things do work, when was the last time someone wanted and waited for a boring oversized, over-proportioned piece of Andriod heap of GUI horror. It is enough to want to make you screen and cringe! Apple redefine, where others just manufacture for the sake of doing so.

      Apple redefine huh? Keep telling yourself that as iOS continues to copy features from Android.

      GUI horror? You've obviously never used Android, as it operates very similarly to iOS, aside from the use of extra capacitive/physical buttons and widgets. The menus go a few levels deeper, but it's nowhere near the mess that Symbian reached in it's downfall.

      You mean you like that bar of soap of a phone? There are plenty of things done wrong with it's design.

      I have it on good authority that its impossible to distinguish between Samsung and Apple products as they are so similar.

    Android fans are getting close to apple fanboy status tho...

      It was bound to happen, with the rise of Android and its popularity, poeple are going to want to get their own back on the Apple fanboys. Fight fire with fire...

      I mean come on, if you had fanboys contstantly going on and on and on about Apple etc, you would have that little bit in the back of your head that wants to throw it back in their face.

      Personally, I have an android phone and tablet, I think they are great devices, but i'm not going to an asshole and talk down to people for liking something else. To each their own.

      Agree - I am just of sick of android fans these days ... "How many things has apple copied from android" blah blah blah

    Is it wrong that I wanted to punch him in the face by around the 35 sec mark?

      The feeling was mutual, even if I agreed with some points.

    Funny stuff.

    This was stupid. It wasnt even funny...this guy is just a d-bag nerd. Im an android user and i still think this is crap.

    i was an apple fanboy about 8 years ago, then i relaized everything i couldnt do on it.

      So you were a fanboi before it was cool?

    I just assume anyone who lines up outside the apple store or is inside the apple store is one of these zealots

    I wonder if archeologists would call the apple logo a religious symbol thousands of years from now

      Nah, because they'll uncover it and say "This must be a sub-religion of Samsung. They bickered about the stupidest of things, but it was basically all the same damn religion"

    I do like the iphone (only after jailbreaking, when it becomes more like an android device) but hate everything apple stand for.

    Pretty spot on video. I mean, I don't know any one THAT bad... but you DO get what you pay for. Macs cost more, and they are generally made better. I have a $700 ASUS and it is just stupid. The battery lasts like, 30 minutes. And it feels clunky as all hell.

    i like there iphone and ipod for there ease of use. but i wouldn't use there OS

    great vid btw

    Disclaimer: this isn't directed at anyone here or the article, but it's relevant.
    One of the few things that irritate me more than Apple Zealots are Apple-Haters.

    "ra ra ra Macs are expensive/limited" - Then you're not the target audience. Shut up. "ra ra iPhones break easily" - they. are. glass. You're not supposed to drop them. If you're clumsy, buy a case.
    Half of them are people who want to complain because they're the sort of people who can no longer buy Apple products because they're now popular and that goes against their tech-hipster mentality.

    Some people are suited to Apple and some are suited to other products (ie. Android in the phone market, Windows in the PC market). That doesn't make them better or worse - they just have different needs and wants. They only become lesser people when they feel the other side is wrong and that the whole world needs to know. You might notice a parallel to religion - funny that. That's because it all goes south when people start treating their tech preferences like a religion. They should treat it like a flavour of Ice Cream and we'd all be fine. No-one gets judged on their preference of Ice Cream - it's just universally acknowledged that it's a personal taste thing. If someone decides to spend the extra on chocolate sprinkles or a waffle cone, good on them - it isn't questioned.


      On a tangent, I like my ice cream in a sandwich.


        And btw you're wrong Calvin the only good icecream flavour is chocolate all the rest are terrible

        Nailed it. A big +1!

    I'm always a little preplexed by some people's fanatical devotion to certain brands.
    Holden/Ford, Mac/PC, iOS/Android, Canon/Nikon.
    It all just reminds me of school, where the Reebok boys would pick on the Adidas boys or whatever it was back then. I never understood it then and I still don't really understand it now.

    Funny video though!

    I think the subtle message from this vid is clearly captured at 3:22 :yoga is good for you.

    The majority of those things are valid arguments!

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