Sharp: Don't Blame Us For iPhone 5 Shortage

You're going to wait three to four weeks for your iPhone 5 if you order it online. But Sharp -- one of Apple's touch panel suppliers -- says it's not to blame for the hold up.

Wait times and shortages are business as usual when it comes to an Apple launch. Part of the reason this time around, due to a shortage of parts, especially the ultra-thin displays. But Sharp claims it's making "adequate volumes" of screens, and demands not to be blamed.

Because Apple gets these parts from Sharp, Japan Display, and LG, and 5 million iPhone 5s sold in the first weekend, there's bound to be some supply constraint. The fact is, you're going to end up waiting if you want that phone now. And if you plan to pick one up in store, reserve it ahead of time so you're not standing in line forever. [Reuters]


    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Why do you say it's a clusterf***? It doesn't seem to have any major flaws (bar Maps, but that's not isolated to just that phone). Your comment reflects that of an Android fanboy however...

      Just keep in mind neither Android nor Apple care about you except that you give them money; their service is just so that you keep giving them money. That goes for all fanboys.

        If you just casually look through Giz and LH from the last week after it was released, you will see a plethora of issues this phone has, not just maps. As for the Fanboy comment, Android is available on many different phones and companies, not just one, so it's hard to comment on the pluses or minuses of all of them. Thus hard to be a fanboy!

          Bonkers, it seems the "over 10 years service" in the armed forces has ingrained in you to just believe what you're told and follow orders. In the real world, actually using a product or *experiencing* something first hand gives credence and credibility, not just believing advertising or propaganda and espousing the opinions of others plus your own uninformed two cents. I understand you could be tried for subordination in the army reserves or girl guides, or whatever service you were in, for questioning a superior, but this amounts to gross ignorance/negligence in civilian life. The real clusterpuck is happening in places like Iraq and Afganistan, or whatever non-christian, non-democratic countries our brainwashed armed forces invade, concealed in the rectum of the United States. It must be hard adjusting to life where you have to think for yourself, but keep at it, I'm sure you'll get there some day. Baby steps...

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

              Oh crap, wrong subject... Wrong post... Tell you what I'll eat this one, you win.. Sorry bout that..!

                Yet another reason 'Alure' needs to have an edit function on its comments..

      How is this phone a clusterf*ck? A bad app is about the worst thing the OS has going for it. Yes it scratches easily, but so do other phones.

      I have a nexus 7 and was reading (and experienced) how the 16gb versions turn to balls when the capacity goes below 3gb. It's isolated to the 16gb model and doesn't affect the 8gb version due to different hardware. This isn't all over the news, considering this is Google's flagship tablet.

      It's what comes with the territory of being the biggest company in the world - small flaws will be big news, whereas bigger issues on other devices will not be heard of.

      Could you at least explain why my comment was inappropriate? It was not defamatory, nor was it controversial. It was also up all day on Saturday with no complaints..!!??

        Probably the cluster bit.

    It's sad that with Sharp's problems, they need to deflect flack that they're copping.

    apple always does this, feins a "shortage" thus increasing the hype, making the apple fanbois go into a hyperspin, so they will queue again.....its a marketing ploy that apple uses time and time again.

    reserving one ahead of time is a joke, optus told me so.

    reserved a phone ahead of time and was told to line up but when i got to the head of the line was told they had run out. the optus store employee told me they divide half their allocation for reserved stock and half for walk in so i was just as eligible to get one if i just walked in.

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