Samsung's New Anti-Apple Ad Is Just Sad

Look, I'm just going to come out and say it. It's what we're all thinking, right? Is just a bit petty that Samsung is attacking people who line up for Apple products when nobody is game to line up for Samsung's?

Perhaps the point of the ad is that nobody needs to line up for a Samsung product? Is that it? I'm not sure.

Either way, these Apple liner-uppers are the people Samsung needs to win over. Samsung's last Next Big Thing ad for the Galaxy S II was cute. It plugged the device and Samsung scored a nice moral victory over Apple. Now the ad is getting a little more vicious about the people in the lines, the very people that Samsung needs to win over. Probably not the way to go about it.


    It's still kinda funny.

      haha, love it.

      Funny? It was hilarious!

      Luke just needs to take more happy pills in the morning

      Yeah I loved and I don't have either phone so I'm completely unbiased . I think it does target the "liner-uppers" in a good way by making them maybe rethink what they're really doing there in the first place

      Lining up for any phone is quite absurd really. What's the difference between being 5th to get one or 500th?

      I think the video is hilarious, perhaps some people are taking themselves a little seriously?

      What I find funny is that in real life, the people in the line would see someone with a GS3 and laugh AT them, not be envious. :p
      It's ok to be butthurt Android/Samesung fanboys. One day your phone might be as good as an iPhone. :)

      apple also can transfer stuff by bumping on each other. And not much peple care about lines. The iphone 5 sits more comfortably in your hand then sgs3 and who cares about th processing power, at least its not lag free, the screen is big enough for people to see stuff on it etc.

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      What is a wank is getting a sleeping bag and a garden chair and sitting outside an Apple store waiting for what?... a phone.

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    I didn't mind it. They started off by showing off the Apple reality distortion field that everyone has and then moved on to show of their phone. Was the greatest but was passable. Also Luke you sound a bit hurt that it showed up your favorite phone. Can you not just enjoy something even though it's not what you want?


        Yup agreed - this was quite funny...

        Bit of a punch in the guts holding a spot in the line for mum and dad...

          Yeah you have never done anything for your mummy before that was not exactly cool!

          I have seen many old people being flogged shitty Andoird handsets (I mean the crappy ones with crap hardware and old Android version) in stores....why is this...coz they do not know any better and salesmen/carriers make more of flogging the shitty ones. Looks like in this case the parents may have actually done some research....but then again it is only marketing and looks like Samsung owned you on this one.

            @ Roger Ramshit... or maybe grandpa is a 35 yr computer user who wants a phone that lets him create folders, copy/move, rename, delete files and folders at will. Likes to play about 10 different video formats without having to open a BS program on his computer and convert them first, which (a) often doesn't even work, (b) takes ages if it does work - even on a decent Core i7. Maybe he likes to download things and save them in a folder of his choice.
            iPhone is for users who have no idea, Android phones are for computer/tech savy people who want more from their phones.


      Absolutely and a well founded reply. The commercial was great. As the owner of a Galaxy phone AND an iPad I can assure you the ad was accurate in every way. lol.

      The iPhone 5
      Last years tech, today

        this is all that is part of this conversation... you sheep!

      Well as much as saying GS3 is better than iPhone, they come off as more like people using the iPhone is stupid.
      People can keep saying bigger screen is better, but honestly for me, iPhone 5 or GS2 4.3 inch screen is perfect for me, I can msg with one hand, on the train, I give my sit to people, I can still use my phone., without thumb cramps.

      One thing Steve Jobs said that really should be adopted is that, "Just because they are our competitors, doesn't mean we have to be rude to them" Sure Apple has said Android devices are shit and copycat. But they were never rude to anyone in a media event or advertisment. In WWDC 2012, they made fun of Android naming system, but never made fun of their customers.

      Samsung just dealt a really low blow in my opinion, not to Apple, but to the consumers. I am researching on what phone I will get to upgrade from my Samsung GS2. Now GS3 is definitely off the list, with only iPhone or the Nexus device.

        So wait, you're crossing the SGS3 off your list based on what, exactly? Not because it's isn't the most suitable device, but because of this ad? Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your own face.

        The ad was funny. I showed it to my (exclusively) Apple wielding colleagues, they thought it was funny. Don't use a façade of offence to try and come across as objective and thoughtful.

          I like the fact the dominic had to shoehorn in the fact that he gives his seat to people on the train... How chivalrous

        i would pay out anyone who waits in line for a stupid phone.

        I'm sorry, but "being rude to the competition in ads" was Apple's main strategy up til only three years ago.

        To take the GS3 off your list because of an ad that you thought offensive is pretty stupid. I thought practical people bought stuff based on the features of the item that suited them and was within their budget. Not whether an ad was to their liking or not.

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    That is an ad to make people feel good about owning the phone that they already have,

    Not an ad to make you want it.

      Actually it kinda did make me want one. Though I'm holding out for the 920 anyway.

    I line up for Samsung microwaves and refrigerators.

      Yeah yeah, they make the coolest fridges

    Sorry Luke, I actually got a giggle from it. The "mind... blown" was funny. Even the wife had a chuckle. We all realise it's poking fun at the people lining up and it probably isn't the way to win them over but you felt strongly enough to post this article, so from an advertising point of view, it is working. People will talk about it and they will be talking about Samsung.

      True this^

      I don't think they should necessarily bring the focus to Apple consumers and then slap their phone in the midst, but both companies are kind of doing the same thing. Apple execs popping jokes at Samsung's expense during their press release. It goes back and forth.

      It makes sense, though. Apple did just win a case over Samsung that cost Samsung $1.2 billion dollars. I imagine there's a bit of bitterness floating around in there somewhere.

        Imagine the next ad if Apple is successful in getting the damages upped to $3 billion.

          Pretty unlikely the current verdict will be upheld as the jury has come out and effectively admitted to having made up their minds before the case even started.

            Which is a big reason as to why Samsungs appeal will most likely be succesful.

      true that, and tbh, it's not like anything they said wasn't true

    Ah - wrong Luke. Completely wrong. YOU might be thinking that but don't tell us what we're thinking. Anyone who points out that lining up for days for a PHONE is a tosser act - wins points with me. Sooner people see these idiots as exactly that, the sooner that Apple can stop getting free press from (what should be) the impartial media.

    haha watching a video when sending emails? send people your playlists? galaxy 3 is a good phone but this is a dumb ad!

      I agree, the GSIII is great, but these ads just seem a little petty.

        Not at all. I think this ad is much better than last year's. At heart it addresses a serious issue that every other manufacturer faces - the perception that the iPhone is the benchmark and everyone else is trying to play catch-up - which hasn't been the case for at least a couple of years now. I also love the fact that the GS III guy is holding a spot for his elderly parents. It's brilliant.

        You would hope that even the majority of iPhone users would agree that the losers who queue up deserve to be made fun of. And I imagine that in Korea, Samsung get plenty of customers queuing up for their latest and greatest.

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            And you would know this how, exactly? Is there an iOS app that reports the status of the life of every non-iPhone user so that you can feel good about your own, presumably pathetic, existence? And for the record, I think the new iPhone is awesome, it is exactly the kind of phone I am looking for, I am just not willing to pay a totally unjustifiable premium to get one when I can get a perfectly acceptable phone for nothing on a $29 a month contract or less than half the price outright.

            IJOHN, I gotta say... think up something new. Telling someone they have no life is the laziest possible thing to say.

            What life should we all have? Yours?! Pass.

        I think it's funny that you reply to the one comment agreeing with you, whilst the overwhelming majority think the ad is good and funny.

          I'm replying to your comment so that kind of takes the wind out of the sails...

          I'm happy to stand corrected, I just don't understand the ad. I'm the first to admit that the GSIII is better than the iPhone in specs and design, so why is Samsung even mentioning a device that's so beneath their own? It almost elevates the competition, that's all.


            This old Pepsi ad would like a word.

            It's hardly new, and that's what marketing in - Competition and finding ways to top competitors.

            It really doesn't Luke, but the fact is it's unusual that you don't get the idea of marketing? How do you feel about the Mac Vs PC ads? They were pretty savage towards PC's a few years back, Samsung gets slammed by Apple regularly with simple crap that isn't even true. Apple is on a patent rampage as of late, trying to destroy anyone that gets in their way, so why not have a bit of a cheeky grin at them? :)

              American companies don't like when Asian companies learn the art of capitalism from them...teehehehe

                Hahahah I lol'd! A+ for sure and would lol again! Infact I DID!

              Yeah true. Those "I'm an Apple" ads with whatshisname were pretty much trying to kick everything that wasn't mac in the balls the whole time..... and they ran them for ages, with all sorts of different ball kicking adventures.

            they're mentioning a device that's so beneath their own because it's the device that Apple has introduced to behead the GSIII and as you said yourself, they can't.

        So by that same measure... aren't the I'm a Mac series of ads equally as petty?

        I thought this was reasonably clever, builds well off the last one of these they did.

          Yeah the Mac series of ads with Justin Long were a lot more smug.

          Agreed, it was a natural progression, I just don't think NFC at the moment if a big enough differentiator. NFC has the potential to be great and apple not getting on board will delay the movement for a year (when the next one does) but adoption won't be as prolific if only android is waving the flag.

          Yes. Samsung is basically doing what Apple did. Both are stupid ideas, and can in fact backfire (i.e. create resentment - there were plenty of PC owners who were put off Macs even *more* by those silly ads).

            Yup. The Mac VS PC ads did the same thing. Coke versus Pepsi has had a go at it. Nintendo and Sega, back in the day. It'll offend a small group of diehards, make the loyal customers feel good, and everyone else will be quietly amused.

        I thought the ad was quite funny. Petty? Probably as much as the old I'm a Mac ads with their stereotyping of Windows users.

    Sorry Luke, I see where you're coming from, but i don't think the ad is about the people its about the product. I think its clever. I agree with Travis, it bring to the forefront the what the iphone actually lacks compared to the other high end smartphones on the market.

    Kinda getting a bit sick of these 2 heavyweights slugging it out. If the bitching continues, Samsung are only go to drive people away as you said Luke.
    Is this ad going to generate enough sales to recover the $1billion Samsung lost in court recently?
    Apple and Samsung both need to get over this tantrum

      "Samsung are only go to drive people away" , I disagree, if Samsung's advert changes enough people's perspectives, Apple might just lose this "battle" between the two companys, but then again ONLY if Samsung's ad is successful; Samsung is still fighting an up hill battle (sigh).

      Eh, it's either a Samsung or a Lumia as far as my next upgrade is concerned. I'm starting to sway further to the Samsung range the more the specs are pushed at me...

        Having just updated to iOS 6, I can happily say that this will be the last iPhone I own...

          Having just updated to IOS6 on my ipad 3 I just bought 3 months ago, I can happily say this is the last iPad I will ever own. Either a Galaxy tab is next or the Surface.

            So should i keep iOS5 on my iPad?

              Get iOS6 because theyre releasing a youtube app, but you'll lose google maps (just go to the website and add a link to the desktop anyhow *shrug*, but honestly? There's sfa impressive stuff. I've got an SG2 phone and the only truly new stuff I'm seeing in my mates 4S's, is stuff I've had on my SG2 for the last year or so? That's not fanboyism, that's fact.

          Can you write an article on that?

            Yeah, write something useful.

          What were you actually expecting from iOS6? Tech people seem to want radical changes every update, when you have 100's of millions of mum and dad users you simply can't do that

            When they ADVERTISE it as a major radical change to ios5? They should deliver it as such...

          Wow, that is a big call. Without a shadow of sarcasm, I'd like to hear more about your thoughts on this. Is iOS6 THAT bad? Is there nothing they could do in iOS7 to win you over in future?

          I'm an SGSII owner basically hanging out until the SGSIV as my contract lasts until July next year. Sad face ;(

    Yeah, I think it depends on your mindset when you watch it. If your biased then that's what you'll get from it. I didn't think it was all that but then I've seen much worse!

    This ad pretty much sums up the Apple Fanboyism and "Religious Experience" Apple tries to sell you.

    Samsung had me at hello...and I'm an HTC user.

    I hate articles that are butt hurt because Samsung is telling the truth about apple. You don't see anyone saying how ridiculousl apple is being for sueing any competition there is ?

    samsung knows anyone willing to line up- seriously, line up, like overnight and stuff- for a phone are probably lost to them anyway. might as well focus on the other 99% of the population who are more in touch with reality.

      Exactly! This ad is aimed at those who havent decided on whether to get a GSIII or an Iphone 5.

    You are absolutely right Luke...this kind of tactic is pretty sad and can only really damage their branding if it goes on. No one likes a sook and Samsung is playing the cry baby all too well. I agree the bickering has to stop from both sides but does Samsung really think its going to win any new clients by behaving like this..i highly doubt it. With w8 around the corner Samsung needs to watch its actions very carefully as they could alienate those people sitting on the fence and see Sammy as dull and unimaginative.

      Looks like a butthurt apple fan.

        Yep. Completley loose butthole...

      Let them bicker, fuel the fire I say. Competition grows from this, more advancements, better products. Why would anyone care if they are bitching at each other, its not like they have nucular weapons. Great ad by the way.

    New Jesus Phone with 20% more smug!

      Cue chants of 'haaaaaaaaaaaalleleujah mediocre medioooooocre...'

    I think samsung are doing fine without the blind followers. It's a good point of differentiation really.

    affected??? haha it's what only a few of you are thinking..

    And to the top post, yes they did win alot of ex-iphone users already. Go look around the shopping centres or even at your work

    I was always taught that the first rule of marketing is not to mention your competitor's product

      Which they followed to a tee in the ad. Not one mention of apple or iphone. Theres a white background with a nondescript phone on it that clearly ISNT an iphone but cooould be??? Clever marketing.

        Not to mention White headphones...iconic but not specific

          All SGS3s come with white headphones... At least my pebble blue did, as did my Dad's and a mate's white one.

            Indeed, but the white headphones ARE more recognisable as iphone earphones ;) its a sly but smart move by Samsung.

    samsung have done this for the last few iphone releases. maintaining current customers is just as important as trying to get new ones.

    i really hope apple pays gizmodo well for constantly praising everything they produce and immediately dismissing everything by every other manufacturer.

    Bag that ad all you want. Doesn't stop it being 100% true.

      It's true, but it's communicated incorrectly.

        "... in my opinion" is the bit that goes on the end of your statement perhaps?

        I thought the message was communicated just fine - with a cheeky / funny tone.

        People can take the piss out of each other and don't take it to heart - but when it comes to someone bagging out someone else's favourite phone or company, that's not cool? Psh. I prefer PCs but that didn't stop me chuckling at Apple's ads years ago. Harden up princesses.

        Also, as someone else mentioned, there was not one mention of Apple or iPhone anywhere in the ad - which I didn't even notice. It strongly infers - but doesn't outright mention Apple - which I found even more amusing.

          ^This. The fact everyone KNOWS its the iphone they're talking about goes to say something about it when they're bagging the CRAP out of it the whole time eh? lol

    This is a childish act by Samsung, surely it motivates me to buy SIII (not)…hang-on!!! My lunch box is better than yours :)

    Samsung knows those fundamentalist apple zombies are lost causes, may as well poke fun at them. You know, the type of people that think a new cable is a big deal. Its funny how tables have turned and now the Apple crowd aren't the cool creative types but geeks.

      The apple "crowd" aren't even geeks, more accurately they are hipsters and the technologically challenged, or people who have spent too much money on the iVirus store to move to a new platform

        I don't think the brush you are using there could get any broader. Nice work though.

      As an ssg3 owner, I do think the cable is a good idea, purely for the fact that it works both ways.

      Micro USB has a 50/50 chance to get it right, and when you're half asleep trying to plug it in it has 100% chance of being around the wrong way.

      Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to be getting an apple anythign any time soon. I only just removed iTunes from my pc and it's never going back on again

        Wait, so when you're half asleep you just line it up and slam it in? It takes all of a second to twist your fingers slightly so that it's the right way round if you get it wrong the first time.

        The "lightning" connector working both ways feels like Apple saying "It's okay if you're completely retarded, you don't have to think to plug in our phone!"

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