Samsung's Crazy QHD Series 9 Ultrabook Can't Get Here Fast Enough

Samsung is showing a 13-inch Series 9 ultrabook at IFA with a qHD 2560 x 1440 display. It's only a prototype, but here is the only reasonable reaction to that bit of news: Hell yes.

The Series 9 is the most beautiful laptop out there. It's prettier than MacBooks and ZenBooks and BookBooks. But the screen was one of the things holding it back this year. Folks at Samsung say that some of the other issues, like the throw depth of the keyboard, are being nudged back into place too. All of which goes to say, hopefully, hopefully, the next Series 9 you see will be a beautiful qHD monster with an awesome keyboard and a change of pants for when you poop a little because it's so damn amazing. [Engadget]


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      you do realise you can use the native desktop mode if you dont like the metro interface?

        dont waste your breath, "steven" probably never touched a PC

        Nope I did not realise this, and I don't think 90% of Microsofts customers realise this. Just like Nintendo is failing to advertise the WiiU as a whole new console, Microsoft is failing to advertise the native desktop mode...and yes I do realised I lied in the first sentence.

          So you admit that without ever having even used Windows , you felt qualified to comment? Do you not realise how stupid that makes you look in front of the entire planet?

          Anyway, I'd suggest 90% of PC users don't know anything at all about Windows 8. Certainly no-one who sees me using it does, until I educate them.

            I think his reference to lying was that he doesn't know 90% is an accurate statistic, yet he does use Windows himself. Or is 'Stephen' == 'Steven Hawkings' and I'm now missing something :/

        And it way out performs windows 7?

          And it doesn't have a start menu? !!!!

            What do you think that thing on the screen in the photo is, chopped liver?

          An average of around 10% for most tasks but it is twice as fast at booting up and shutting down and many common tasks have been improved/simplified. So overall, I'd say "yes" to your question.

        Except the germane had a little fit and so now it isn't actually called the Metro interface lol

          -Germans (Yay for iPad typing)

    Nice! I'd love a Series 9 but they always seem to miss out one spec or another. Maybe the next one will be the one to finally get it right?

    Well that's not that bad, because you can't use it anyway steven


    That is if doesn't have that bloody annoying mouse-jumping habit of all them new darned fangled trackpads that AREN"T recessed into the unit. Bloody form over function!

    I was under the impression qHD was quarter HD, as in, 960x540??????

      haha yeah the names for screen aspect ratios and resolutions are really getting confusing. Maybe qHD is 960*540 and QHD is 2560*1440 (quarter vs QUAD)

        yeh imaging trying to understand SUPER HD AMOLED+ WXVGA+ displays as a non techie

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