Samsung Throws Down Gauntlet With New Anti-iPhone Ad

Not too long ago, Samsung faced a big loss against Apple in court, and now, it's just sat through the announcement of the new iPhone, which sold out its preorders in a matter of hours. What's a rival manufacturer to do? If you're Samsung, you attack.

In the US, Samsung has crafted a pretty aggressive ad comparing Apple's flagship iPhone 5 to its own Galaxy S III. You can guess who comes out on top. The lion's share of the ad's criticisms are fair — the S III does have NFC while the iPhone 5 doesn't, and the same goes for removable battery and microSD storage. And there's a fun swipe at Apple's new connector.

Adorned with the clever tagline "It doesn't take a genius," the ad is due to roll out a bunch of newspapers tomorrow, where it will doubtlessly reach the sort of people who still read newspapers.

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