Samsung Throws Down Gauntlet With New Anti-iPhone Ad

Not too long ago, Samsung faced a big loss against Apple in court, and now, it's just sat through the announcement of the new iPhone, which sold out its preorders in a matter of hours. What's a rival manufacturer to do? If you're Samsung, you attack.

In the US, Samsung has crafted a pretty aggressive ad comparing Apple's flagship iPhone 5 to its own Galaxy S III. You can guess who comes out on top. The lion's share of the ad's criticisms are fair -- the S III does have NFC while the iPhone 5 doesn't, and the same goes for removable battery and microSD storage. And there's a fun swipe at Apple's new connector.

Adorned with the clever tagline "It doesn't take a genius," the ad is due to roll out a bunch of newspapers tomorrow, where it will doubtlessly reach the sort of people who still read newspapers.


    790 hours standby, as in 32+ days? Has anything close to this been achieved even with non-use for that time?

      Really interested to hear if it has actually, battery life is one of the only things keeping me with an iPhone.

        I've got one and it's a great phone but I can't see it lasting 32+ days in standby unless you put it in airplane mode and even then I'm sceptical.

        It does last a lot better then my 4 did though under the same our higher use.

          Oh really? That sounds good then :D

            I have GS3 and battery well.. Sux!! It's improvement over GS2 but nowhere next to my 2 yr old iPhone 4... On plain standby (even after disabling battery hogging apps such as S-voice, weather update widget, wifi, gps, et al) my battery goes from 99% to 88% in 25mins... Consistently.. In the Mae time my iPhone with gps, wifi, all enabled goes from 99 to well.. 99%... It's the damn android OS implementation with hardware that is to blame.. Search for gs3 battery issues and check out on the countless forums.. I love my iPhone first for its battery (management) and then everything else...

              I browse the web on my s3 and it doesn't even go down 10% in 25mins..
              I forget to charge it sometimes and the next day it's only gone down a few percent.
              The battery life on the s3 is the main thing I like about it..

              try looking at your apps. Its also known certain apps installed can drain your battery, even in stand by! Most times its due to a poorly coded app/incompatibility with the OS version! Ive experienced this before. But i can say, with moderate use, i get 2 days out of my S3, heavy use 1 to 1.5 days!

              I can usually get about 2 and half days full usage out of my S3 no worries. Don't know what you pansies are complaining about.

              If power drains 10% in 25 minutes, there's clearly a problem. Battery life on my S3 is very good.

              Wut? My Galaxy lasts a solid 36 hours of normal use, you need to look what's using up all your power or replace a defective battery, that's ridiculous.

              hey Abs...there must be something wrong with your phone or peice of the end of the day...i am lucky to have used 50%, heavy email and facebook, lots of calls and the odd game when "taking a break" and smsing a heap.

            HTC one xl only lasts 3 hours if your lucky...I'm going back to a phone I can use all day...big screens = small battery life....

              There is a known issue with batteries in some one xls. Take it to a store and get it sent foe repairs

              that would be a fault... i get a day minimum sometimes 2 usage depending with my one x

            I think "Stand-By" must mean in Flight mode. I have been confused by this for a long time. But never really thought about it until the iPhone5 was raving about 225 which is almost 10days and I was like WTF. I know for a fact this is BS unless it is in flight mode and not touched. But who leaves their phone for this long.

            I do know the SGS3 will last well over 12days (at40%) in flight mode as I don't have roaming on my persoanl SGS3 and travel overseas alot but then I charge it for the flight home. I get about 2.5-3 days of 'normal' use (calls, browsing, email, FB, maps) for the SGS3 here in Australia and just on Wifi 4days

            But yes 790 seems a bit OTT - wouldn't mind trying it but who has the time to leave the phone in Standby for that long!

              A stock iPhone without much installed running on 2G only with internet disabled will get some pretty decent battery life.

            Compared to my brother's iPhone 4S, we use our phones about the same and the same amount (to work with general web browsing and some gaming). By the end of the day his is almost dead or at roughly 20%. My S3 however is still around 40% - 50%

              If it comes down to charging your battery at night to be able to make it through the next day, what does it matter if it ends with 25 or 40 percent? Wasted words on a pointless argument.

      My GS3 lasts 8 days tops in standby, but if at home on the wifi and with apps set to auto download, it only lasts about 4 days. I turned it off for 74 days once and there was still charge in the battery, so maybe Samsung's idea of standby is every battery usage setting turned to off, and the phone turned off oat nights. There is zero way it can last for 790 hours.
      It's quite amusing watching Samsung lie to the world. They must think people are stupid.
      Maybe this is just a cultural thing we all need to get used to from South Koreans, just like their culture of bribery and their government riddled with corruption.

        Correction. For accuracy and those paying attention, it was the old GS2 that was turned off for 74 days not the new GS3, but this does not change the bad GS3 battery times I experience.

        Apologies for straying off-topic, but Korean culture is "full of bribery" and "their government is riddled with corruption"? You know this how? Those are some crazy generalisations mate and I'm sure that you simply aren't educated nor knowledgeable enough to make such ridiculous statements.

        On topic: Advertisements such as this Samsung one are nothing new. It's a simple comparison that makes a legit point. If Apple's iPhone 5 is the 'next big thing', then Samsung's GS3 released the same/better technology months before.

          International newspapers that translate to English do exist y'know. But the argument is utterly irrelevant anyway.

      I have a normal GS3 (non-4G which is what the ad refers to) and I get maybe a day and a half out of it from normal use. I still have to charge it every night.

      Wireless off, brightness turned right down, no apps running etc. No clocks running etc. Those hours are attained by barest of bones running standards, which is a fair way to stress test it. It's POSSIBLE I suppose? Ive had my SGS2 go a week without charge that way. Wireless, GPS, Bluetooth and screen brightness are your biggest offenders as far as battery drain goes. Switch them off/down and you'll be amazed how much it improves.

      I had my Galaxy S in Airplane mode for the past month it lasted 32 days on Battery, this is with all radios off and me only looking at it occasionally. So I'd say yes it is possible, however in practice nobody would do that with their phone so I'd say deceptive advertising.

      haha yeah maybe a kindle thats about it as far as something lasting 30 days on a battery

    Once again, Samsung focus on putting down other products and Apple focus on its own products. When humans to do this one another over personal details is it very clear what is going on...............Pretty sad Samsung........

      Seems you have forgotten Apples "I am a PC I am a MAC ads"

      Apple focus on its own products?

      You remember the mac vs pc ads right?

      Dude apple's entire marketing plan 3 years ago was "use its cos our stuff works unlike everyone else's" (paraphrased).

      Go back a few more years to when OSX was first released and take a look at any of the pc vs mac ads apple released where they just out right lied to say OSX didn't do any if the things people hated about Vista.

      You can t be serious!? So your saying apple never put down other manufacturers? That's just hilarious. While yes, this is quite a large insult, an insult is an insult! Apple have many times harped on how particular things about their iphones are far better/superior (in their books) in comparison to their competitors, with a direct jab. Pretty sure apple started this pissing contest, soon as samsung try the same tactic, its all bad! At the end of the day, consumers will flock to the iphone, as the majority aren't tech heads and couldnt care less about the specs.........they just want that cool factor of owning an iphone and being "part of the crowd". This campaign will only really appeal to those that actually pay attention to the specs and features!

        You know not all iPhone users are tech illiterate 'sheeps'?

        I'm in IT myself and have been for years. I use an iPhone because it's simple, the hardware is great, and it's reliable.

        Not everyone wants to tinker with their OS.

      Apple fanatic.

      No I think you misread the article. Samsung didn't put down Apple - they gave a objective analysis as to why the S3 is a better phone. Whether you believe them or not is your business.

        You consider that objective? Cherry picking features in a fashion that will leave the iPhones list substantially shorter?

          I challenge you to find me 10 ways that the iPhone 5 is objectively better than the Galaxy S3.

          THEN we'll see who's cherry-picking.

            1/ iOS
            2/ Not made of plastic - doesn't feel like it cost a dollar to make-
            3/ Good design
            4/ S Voice is absolute crap! I'm not saying Siri is great, but S Voice is absolute trash!
            5/ TouchWiz looks like absolute shit!
            6/ The Galaxy S3 screen is way too big.
            7/ Galaxy S3 has a removable battery which is just an absolute gimmick.
            8/ Apple support is 100* better the SamEsung support
            9/ iPhone 5 is lighter
            10/ iPhone 5 is thinner.
            11/ SamEsung phones wouldn't be anywhere near where they are without the original iPhone

              1/ iOS is not a reason, it's a noun.
              2/ In a lot of people's opinions they prefer this - so this is subjective
              3/ Subjective and emotive.
              4/ Can't comment, and it's not a reason iPhone is better. It's simply an attack on Samsung
              5/ Personally I prefer it, and it's not a reason iPhone is better. It's simply an attack on Samsung
              6/ Subjective. Galaxy Note is gaining large traction DUE to it having a larger screen
              7/ Being able to carry a spare battery on the road is a gimmick? Being able to cheaply replace an old battery is a gimmick? Once again, it's not a reason iPhone is better, it's simply an attack on Samsung
              8/ Can't comment. But "SamEsung" shows how objective you are...
              9/ True and a good point
              10/ True, but such a small difference who cares?
              11/ And iPhone's wouldn't be anywhere near where they are without the phones before it. Such a tired argument. Innovation requires previous material. Deal with it.

                OK, now give 10 reasons for why Galaxy S3 is better than iPhone 5. And yes, innovation does require previous material, but last time I checked, innovation wasn't defined as blatant copying.

                  see advert above for the ten reasons...

                He's right. Most of it us subjective. There is always going to be bickering between fans (read: Holden v Ford).

                Personally, I'll be getting the iphone5 because I can't stand the out of gamut, over saturated colours on the AMOLED screens. Nothing looks natural. But that is my personal opinion.

              You need a big red nose to match those clown shoes. your list is a joke.
              removable battery is a gimmick? why replace a battery when you could just buy a new phone right? idiot

                dude, apple have a battery replacement program, its cheaper than buying a new battery! moron!

            Sure i'll take that challenge as i've owned both.

            The iPhone in terms of hardware runs cooler - important when gaming.
            The iPhone OS is substantially less choppy - ignoring Jellybean which it doesn't come with as standard.
            The quality of Photo's using standard hardware & apps is MUCH better on the iPhone 4S
            The iPhone is easier to use if you use your phone one handed.
            When using the phone for work - the mail and calendars are much more reliable, as is exchange auto configuration.
            Build Quality on the iphone is better, less plasticy
            The screen on the 4S tends to get less finger prints over time.
            The quality of Apps is still better , better quality games, better speed in common apps (foursquare, twitter, facebook etc).
            This is a personal preference, but the colour and detail is better IMO on the iPhone, android phones should increase the DPI rather than screen size.
            Battery life - Galaxy S3 is shocking compared to Iphone, in their STANDARD config without roms/roots the Iphone4s is substantially better, especially in weaker signal areas.
            (these come from someone who no loyalties to any platform, ive spent as much in the play store as the App store, and ill be getting a Wp8 phone also)

            Anyone claiming more than 1 full day usage on the SGS3 doesn't use it heavily. I have 4 email accounts in push mode, and i use the phone for podcasts and news while at work. SGS3 at the end of the day 35 ish, Iphone 4S 55%-60% on a bad day.

            I havent used an S3 outside of a store and I haven't touched an iPhone 5, so no, I won't give you a list. Personally iOS is enough for me to pick an iPhone over Android devices, but I'm not going to kid myself into thinking that for others Android isn't an advantage over iOS.

            The point of my comment was purely to state that what Samsung has posted is hardly objective. I didn't say the iPhone is better or worse, just the the advertisement didn't line them up in a particularly objective manner. (And nor should they really, it's an advertisement)

            Because the iPhone is NOT UGLY x 10

              Yes it is... by far.. worst looking phone in history, the old rugged nokia's look better.

        Yeah but do they do this with any of the 100 other mobile companies. They are definitely Apple obsessed at the moment. No real need for that but what comes around goes around I guess.

      While other people have covered it, look at the flipside of your view, assuming you don't debate the specs listed, which it's pretty hard to do except for maybe battery life.
      Once again samsung point out why their product is superior and Apple focus on convincing the world you should buy their inferior product without even attempting to show us why we should prefer it over the competition, let alone why it's better. They've had ad campaigns that essentially consisted of 'buy it because it's apple not because of what it can do.' Pretty sad Apple... and extremely arrogant.

        I see. So all Coke advertising, all Holden advertising, all Toyota advertising, all Renault advertising, all Panadol advertising and all gym advertising is arrogant, because they don't mention the competition.

        Are you really that naive/ignorant, or just blinded by your fanboism?

        "Because, because, because, because, because, because, because, because, because, and because."

          That was meant to be a reply for Weresmurf

            Bahahahahaha!!!! Of all that have been posted this was the most informative CJ :)

            Seriously, people can piss and moan but here's a simple fact for isheep and samwhores:

            Both systems are great. Suck it up. Neither is crap. I own an sgs2 and an ipad3 and love them both equally. Both have major faults, both have major advantages, you're no better a person for owning an iphone, sgs3 or whatever, youre just either locked into a contract or money out of pocket.

            This message won't change anyones lives but jesus, stop being a company whore...

      r u retarded man? apples has been putting down samsung for ages.

      Pretty sure the biggest court case this year was all about Apple focusing on every single one of Samsung's.

      Apple knows it doesn't have the best phone out there anymore, and they know they're losing market share. A good company would look at their product and see how they can improve it, Apple on the other hand keeps releasing the same phone with minor upgrades and sues to get rid of the competition.

    Ok, but now compare the SGS3 to the Nokia Lumia 920 and see who comes out on top.

    After my iphone kept dropping wifi signal I tried the galaxy s3 .... I love it and have not reactivated the Iphone since.

    But we all know the iPhone 5 is waaay better than the SGS III, right?


    Because... Well ... Apple makes it? Oh and because it's waaay better than the last iPhone.

    Nuf said.

      The trouble is I can't work out if this is serious or not, since this is the viewpoint of many an Apple fan...

    The specifications are pretty comparable... but the design certainly isn't. There's something to be said for the look and feel of an Apple product, something which doesn't come across in a spec sheet.

      Indeed. It's like holding a brick in comparison to the sleek beauty of the sgs3.

    I need a new phone, and it's between these 2. Is the Galaxy S3 any good?

      Never mind, just saw the gizmodo hands on review.

      The general consensus is it is arguably the best smartphone on the market, so I would say yes.

        Grammar Nazi Here: No such thing as "General Consensus" as "Consensus" means the agreement of all parts.

        Unless you're speaking of a military man by that surname.

          Seriously, who gives a shit?

            People who thingk that, like, correct youse of, you know, gramma, makes stuff eesier to reed and undastand.

            Also, anyone who serves in the military and whose last name is Consensus. Personally, I'd hate to be Sergeant Consensus, but be referred to as General. He earned those stripes dammit!

              *slaps you for your first line*

              *applauds you for the second*

        My general consensus is the Lumia 920.

          I´ll have whatever you are smoking Bob

      I have the S3 through Optus and there are a few glitches.. like no option to send a photo via text or email immediately after taken.. gotta exit camera app.. open up gallery then while it's on thumbnail view... long press then the option is there..
      the sms/email is missing from the share menu when a pic is open full screen :/
      also when a pic is sent via mms to me . it always opens up that last pic that I have opened in a text...not the new one until the 2nd time you try it..

      Battery life is good though...

        oh.. and can't disable camera sounds..

          i think thats a legal thing regarding camera sounds, peeping tom comes to mind, so people are aware your taking pics. I remember reading it was a legal requirement in the U.S. that a mobile camera function must have a shutter sound. Probably just carried over to all devices, and yes i miss that feature, small trade off for a good phone! I'm trying to find the said articles........

          That's a legal requirement. Newer iPhone's can't do it either. It's meant to stop the pedo's from taking snaps of kiddies in the pool change rooms.

            My android you can if you mute the ring volume the camera sound is muted as well.

            Does that mean that all pedos now use HTC One X's?

            That's what they said with the Nokia N8, however my 4S can mute the camera sounds :/ Go figure.

            Just took a photo now with the 4S on mute. There was no camera sound.

            Maybe it's changed in iOS x, I dunno, but certainly in 5 it can be muted.

          If you have a rooted phone and get a root file explorer, you can change the camera sutter sound to anything you want (it's a specific .ogg file) If you simply rename the existing file, the phone won't be able to find the shutter sound file and it will be muted.

        think you can thank apple for that. The whole, they came up with being able to email or mms pictures after taking them before anyone else. Hence why they sued HTC for functions like calling a phone number from an email. My old S1 had the feature of sending pics straight away, but the S3 doesnt, and id say its prob due to that, Samsung may have been taking precautions in that regard!?

          Err my old Nokia did it way before iphone

        I'm not sure about the S3 (I have a Galaxy Note), but in the bottom right corner of the camera app should be a little thumbnail of the last image captured - tapping that will bring up the picture, and there should be a share button.

    Well according to Samsung, the iPhone has better multitouch
    and a judge has said at least one apple product is cooler than its samsung counterpart

    That's two adverts for apple right there.

    What a load of stupid childish games. Bad marketing and a sad way to try win over your competition. People see right through this and sadly Samsungs's brand will be diminished if it continues to behave this way . This smells more like sour grapes than anything else. Surely the best way to get ahead is to produce the best product and let the market make their own mind up rather than attempt to discredit or show the competition as idiots. 101 marketing ... don't ever make your consumer look like a fool! Come on Samsung you can do better than this surely.

    A spec sheet doesn't mean a better phone.

    I've had my share of android phones (desire/s2/one-x/s3) and I've never found them to be as smooth as the iPhone it's vs'ing in the market.

    Samsung....classy as always.

    I get the whole point of this is to make the Samsung a "better" option; but some of these statements...

    "a totally different plug" ... would've been the same when the iPod first came out & you're likely to accumulate enough of these lightning cables over the journey anyway.

    Also love that they just dump in a bunch of "things" in there to make the list bigger. Personally thing they should've just stuck with "it doesn't take a Genius" a picture of the Galaxy then the rest of the tagline

      Really? I thought the plug thing was quite humourous. Especially considering they saved it until last.

    I have had a G3 since launch and have found the battery to last just over two days with moderate use (music phone web,etc) and the shape defiantly sits in my hand more comfortably than the 4 did and to be honest never even thought it looked or felt "non premium" but that could mean I'm a little cheep!
    Very happy with my G3 and all that Android does for me.

    bottom line: The S3 has better specs. The iPhone is has a more solid feel.

    People feel they are too heavily invested in the apple ecosystem to warrant a change.

    I hope the iPhone 5 has a substantial battery life- Thats good for all of us as it puts pressure on all the others. Even if I could get a week on one charge on my S3, I'll still plug it in every night out of habit. And because I have built a lot of my tasker profiles to activate when plugged in.

    S3 has better connectivity- since when could you plug an external hard drive/stick into an iPhone? Never. micro SD? nuff said.

    ICS runs really well (as an apple switcher, this was a big point for me), iOS 6 will be playing catchup. Then JB will be available for the S3 soon.

    oh yeah, when will the extra hardware for wireless charging be available for the S3? Thats one reason I bought the S3....

    I recently bought the SGS2 about 2 months ago. I decided to get it over the S3 because I liked the S2 shape more. But in all honesty, I am truly happy with the S2. Sure the S3 has better specs and all that, but I didn't see the need to spend alot on the S3. I'm not going to use it like computer, I use it for simple tasks like watching youtube, surfing the net, reading comics, calling, texting and it all runs very smoothly on the S2. So I don't really see the need for me getting the S3.

      Same. I got the S2 when it launched (from a broken iPhone) and got some serious upgrade envy when others around me got the S3. It has since passed, and I'm very happy with my S2.

    Was a fair comparison until the end, when they throw up a bunch of features that may or may not exist on the iPhone 5 but you wouldn't know because they're using Samsung-y names, without doing the same for the iPhone...

      They don't exist on the iPhone (a couple of them may be able to be added via apps, but even then possibly only on a phone that has been jailbroken).

      About half of the extra things listed are meh and I have never used though.

    Samsung Propaganda.

    We all know, whether you like Apple or not, that without the iPhone, we'd still be stuck on QWERTY phones!

    If Apple were to make this 'Advertisement', the features list would be huge and Samsung's would be minimal, however Samsung created it, so iPhones have much less features and the Galaxy S III doesn't.

    It's swings and roundabouts people.

      Well QWERTY is still the default computer layout, I can't see anything else becoming commonplace any time soon, even the iPhone still uses it...

        You know what I'm referring to - the solid, stuck on, plastic QWERTY keys.

    well my month old galaxy s3 lasts from 6am-2pm. i dont use any apps besides facebook and whatsapp. maybe use them for what, 1 hour... the rest is just standby. This always happens to me on android. iphone 5, i will be joining you and jumping back in the iphone bandwagon!

      There's something wrong with your phone. After the S2 Samsung worked hard on the battery time in the S3 and it definitely should be in the 1.5-3 days solid-use range. The iPhone 5 will have decent battery life, but it's no tlikely to be much better than the S3, if at all: Squishing the thickness down and increasing processor and screen specs will cut into the battery.

      The S3 Is a physically larger phone that can fit in significantly more battery. It's just the physics of the situation.

    This is a usful list of things ios cant do out of the box that android can

      This is going to sound picky, but... "Most Android phones offer optional haptic feedback". Really?
      This can't be anywhere close to true!

      But it's good we have options. Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android in it's many guises all offer us a chance to have a computer in our pocket all the time. Our generation is so lucky, and all we can do sometimes is bitch about the choices others make. I just don't get it.

    The S3 is such a highly spec'd beast. Imagine the rage when you switch from years of iphones to discover you can't view full screen an mms. or the pic gallery doesn't rotate after you have opened it a particular orientation.

      That doesn't make sense. Read what you typed again, it's completely incoherent.

    Now, I'm just waiting for Kogan to release the LTE version. Combine it with $39 SIM from Amaysim, and wait around for them offer an LTE pack sometime in the near future.

    The only reason Samsung would put an ad out like this is because they're shitting in their pants. iPhone is a quality product with plenty of pull. People like it , you don't have to. Samsungs phone is great too, i just prefer apple architecture. They obviously want more business out of apple but I can't see people just dumping their investments made through iTunes to start all over again with a new OS and store. There just isn't enough pull there. I just wish I could convince my work to get away from these cruddy HTCs and get me an iPhone 5. Oh well, can't win em all.

      what? Hope you aren't refering to loseing music purchased through iTunes, you can still use your music on a non-iPhone, and you can continue to purchase music and transfer it to your phone.

    Stand by on a phone is having the phone switched on, just sitting there, doing nothing, no wifi connection, no apps checking for emails/fb/tweets (basically mobile data off), not being used to play games, the screen not turned on at is the state the phone should be in to do its bare minimum job which is to receive calls and text, without receiving calls or text.

    No phone is ever going to be in standby for long periods as the purpose of having a phone is to use it, and it will alway get used.

    It is quite possible that an S3 can last 790 hours sitting there, not being used, and if it can do that, then the 225 hrs an iPhone 5 lasts doing the same job (ie. nothing) is laughable.

    Personally I have had my phone last 36hrs with average use. Unfortunatly where I work there is poor reception inside the store so the phone can't maintain a signal and is constantly trying to reconnect to the network which drains by battery, so I only usually get about 12 hours before I need to recharge it :(

    Do you ever let you battery run flat before charging? Cos that is how you are meant to treat li-ion batteries. Charging it while it is on and every night is what kills the battery life on any li-ion product. Including laptops. I get 3-4 days out of mine with moderate to heavy use. Only charge it when it completely runs out of battery. Galaxy Nexus, almost 12 months old, it's a champ.

      Standard misinformation from the nimh days. Li ion batteries actually are preserved the longest if their charge is kept constantly at around 70%. Now this is obviously inconvenient, but if you read the tech specs on battery management at apple, it suggests a "charge cycle" is 100% battery usage and not 100% to 0% and then charge. Ie 4 days of 25% decharge and then recharging to 100 every night would constitute one cycle.

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