Samsung Claims Its Phones Don't Infringe On Apple Patents Because Android Multitouch Sucks

While the big Apple vs Samsung case is finished in the US, there are plenty of other patent skirmishes between the two here and around the globe. In an attempt to narrowly avoid a recall and ban in the Netherlands, Samsung threw Android under the bus, claiming that its' phones couldn't be infringing because Android multitouch just isn't good enough to do so.

The patent in question here is "touch event model" which has to do with preventing users from accidentally pressing two different buttons at the same time. Both phones can do this, but iOS does it automatically, and Samsung lawyers are arguing that because Android can't and doesn't, the phones aren't infringing.

If that distinction doesn't cut it, the resulting bans could interrupt Samsung's sales in all of Europe, since its distribution centre is located in the Netherlands. It seems like a sort of desperate move to fall back on calling your operating system (and your product) inferior but desperate times call for desperate meaures. [PC World]


    You neglected the fact that apples lawyer Theo Bloome said "They suggest that they have a lesser solution, but that is simply not true." So basically each sides argument is that the other side has a better solution :/

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      Both of you need to get a life.

      The fact is that not all Androids infringe on iOS in this way. Android, by default, does not infringe on the iOS patents in the Samsung case. Samsung willfully tweaked Android and their hardware to ape Apple's devices.

        Google chrome on my Sony Xperia P has snapback, which is an Apple patent. How it is an innovation that needs protection, I'm not sure. Universal search is obvious, as you may need to search several places to find something (prior art: hide 'n' seek?). And of course if a touch screen is the major way to control a device, gestures and input are pretty much frand material

    i think it is very rubbish because now era is technology and nobody can stop other one to stop doing same.

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