Samsung Building 128GB Flash Memory Chips For Next Year's Superphones

There might just be a 128GB memory option when it comes to upgrading to the Galaxy S4 next year or the S5 the year after, thanks to Samsung now mass producing 128GB memory chips for use in mobile devices.

Samsung's newest 128GB eMMC NAND chips read data at 140MB/s and can write at up to 50MB/s, plus they're designed to fit the same slimline form factors as its current 16, 32 and 64GB memory chips. No mention's been made of any devices that'll use them yet, so keep your eyes open for a whole new level of onboard storage complete with unprecedented RRPs. [Samsung via Techradar]

Samsung Building 128GB Flash Memory Chips For Next Year’s SuperphonesOur newest offspring Gizmodo UK is gobbling up the news in a different timezone, so check them out if you need another Giz fix.


    Awesome, how much benefit will the speed be compared to sticking a good quality micro SD in there though? Hoping for some opinions from people who can compare performance with card vs. onboard storage :)
      If that is to be believed, it is quite a lot faster.

      negligible, but the fact that you have so much memory on board is definitely a plus - add a 64GB MicroSD and you have practically a hard drive.

      Mabye if I have 150GB of space, I can finally give up my iPod classic.

        What are you talking about? 128Gb is the size of the SSD in both my laptops already. Without half of it being taken up with applications it will be sheer luxury.

        Basically my thought: would love to have all my music on my phone :)

        With those speeds, you can make use of USB3.0 connections to PCs and so on...

    Excellent. I still love removable SD cards, it's a fantastic option, but it'd be great if large internal memory was standard... Don't think it will be though.

    Samsung doing it again

      Yeah, Apple will remain playing "catch up" for quite a while.


    It's seriously taken this long to increase the storage memory? My current phone only has 8GB of memory, that's pathetic, it should be a standard to have at least 100GB in all phones.

      So agreed, I want a 128gb SSD in my phone now :c

      Why? Because you say so? I'm not disagreeing, it is good to know it's coming, I just think your attitude is ridiculous. I'm sure if the market had been crying out for more memory it would have been done before now but as most phones offer considerably less, it should be obvious that it is not a high priority for the bulk of the market.

    I dunno. I think its a cost to benefit ratio. I jumped from the iPhone the SGS2 solely because of the expandable memory meant I could finally fit most of my music collection on my phone (albeit, not lossless). At the same time, I woulr buy an iPhone with a larger hard drive because the markup was insane.

    That's a really good amount of storage. I love how this sort of tech just keeps expanding!

    I wonder how any years before we are getting terabyte storage in our phones?

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