Rumourmodo: Nokia Lumia 920 To Launch In November

The worst thing about the Lumia 920 unveiled last week — you know, besides that whole "simulated imagery" thing — was the lack of a release date. Nokia kept referring to it as a "prototype", which means it could be released in December or even into next year around CES-time. Not so, according to Reuters which has the release date pegged for November.

The source of the report comes from sources within European telcos. Seeing as how Nokia is a big fan of launching devices in Europe before the rest of the world these days, it might actually be on the money. Add to that the launch of Windows 8 in late October and it looks even more legit.

With the new iPhone only days away, and new Windows Phone 8 devices on the horizon for late October, Nokia can't wait too long to release the Lumia 920 to the wild.

Nokia's not commenting on the rumour. [Reuters]

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