Rumourmodo: Could These Be The First Photos Of A Fully Working iPad Mini?

The sources behind what turned out to be accurate iPhone 5 leaks are also behind these shots of what appears to be 7.8-inch iPad parts. I'm almost certain that this is a real, fully working iPad Mini, which means its launch is probably getting close.

Chinese website Bolopad claims that these are exclusive shots of the real McCoy.

I'm starting to think that all these leaks can't be just a coincidence. The iPhone 5 has been the most broadly leaked product in Apple's history. The iPad Mini is going to be next. It almost feels like Apple is deliberately leaking products out of the factories to control media and consumer expectations. Or perhaps Foxconn's workers are getting smarter at smuggling them out the factory, or the entire production has become impossible to control.

This could be a new page in Tim Cook's book, who publicly vowed for new heights of secrecy but may have found a way to successfully neutralise negative opinions on an increasingly beige product line by allowing people to get a peek in advance.

I don't know if Steve would agree with that strategy, but it seems to be working. [Bolopad via CNET]



    I'm still having trouble understanding the need for this product? We have the iPad / iPhone / iPod that all do basically the same thing.. Why do we now need another product doing the same as the others? Is the size of this new product really going to draw in new consumers?

      Yes , more options are better and I personally prefer the 7 or 8 inch size to the 10inch for tablets. I wont be rushing out to get one on release but next time I upgrade my ipad id probably go for it.

      Its like the macbook line. why do they have anything but 15" macbooks? do they really need other sizes when they all do the same thing?

      I will get one for my 10yo child. The current ipad is a bit too big for them to carry around

        Why does a 10yo Child need an iPad??

          You clearly do not have a 10yo child. IPads are way more appropriate for children than other computers. If your real question is "who do children need technology", well that is another whole discussion, much like "why to children need toys" or "why do children need books".

      Simple. Samsung, Google and others released 7" - 8" tablets which Apple said were crap, pointless and an unueable size. They sold well. Complealy unrelated to this, Apple independently inovated a new market of smaller tablets.

        "Complealy unrelated to this, Apple independently inovated a new market of smaller tablets."


          Are you laughing at the statement or the barely readable language?

          Also completely unrelated to this, Apple decided to innovate with a 16:9 aspect ratio. Unlike the original iTampon, it kinda looks like a Samsung Galaxy Tab.

            “Are you laughing at the statement or the barely readable language?”

            Granted, my spelling may not be the best… but if you can barely read that I think it is more of a comment on your literacy than it is on mine.

              Wow, ewe shore showd me. I mutst be stoopud.

                Well, I did wonder (about you being "stoopud")... However with a bitingly witty retort like that you have proven me wrong.

        My 2 year hold has no issues with the 10"... 7 would be easier, but no 10 year old would struggle...

      I prefer 7" form factor for tablets, find the current iPad a bit too cumbersome for reading

    The apple logo does not look right. I also think the tapering does not look right by Apple standards (but could be the lighting).

      I was thinking the logo didn't look quite right too. But you're right, it could be the lighting

      I'm sure the logo is right, because the simplest way to create a fake would be to use a real apple logo from an iPad.

    to me, it looks like a silver shell over the top of something else. the front view looks like the screen isn't flat. the camera on the back isn't flush and the apple logo isn't flat either. also, for a device that would be recycling older iphone internals, it is very thick. there doesn't appear to be anything in the lightning port. it is pretty easy to get a photo of an ipad home screen behind some glass and make it look realistic. of course i could just be bitter and twisted and unable to trust :)'s_Law_of_Headlines

    "Any headline which ends in a question mark can be answered by the word 'no'".

      The question is a "could" question. Could questions are almost correctly answered yes. Could unicorns exist? Yes - they don't, but they could. The only could questions correctly answered no concern metaphysical impossibilities (could the inside angles of a triangle add up to precisely 181 degrees?)

        Wait, Unicorns don't exist?

        *Head explodes*

    No wonder they had the Samsung Galaxy TAB 7.7 banned...

    I'd really like to see what Google and Asus do about this if it actually turns out to be true. They weren't the first ones to bring a 7 inch tablet to the market of course, but they were the first ones to actually bring a GOOD 7 inch tablet to market that's been selling like hotcakes.

    Do they go after Apple for patent infringment? Hmmm...

      Galaxy Tab 7.7 was (is) a GOOD tablet. But sadly it was over priced and as such did not sell well.

        A product's price point is an element that should not be overlooked when considering how good a product is. The Galaxy Tab 7.7 was over priced - consumers obviously didn't think that it was worth the money, and it didn't sell. Therefore, it was not good. Consumers are happily handing over their money for the N7 though in droves.

        Take the 3DS as another example. It was not selling well as it was initially over priced. Consumers obviously didn't think it was worth the money. Nintendo promptly dropped the price, and since then it's been selling fantastically.

        The Tab 7.7 may have been a good tablet technically speaking, but it obviously wasn't considered to be worth the money Samsung were asking for it. A product is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

          Sorry but I think that is total BS. I do not decide how good a product is based on whether the masses buy it or not. Also I do not judge a product based on its price point. I suppose you consider Apple earbuds “GOOD” and high end Sennheiser canalphones not “GOOD” as they don’t sell as many units due to the price?

          BTW the iPad mini will probably be around the same price as the SGT 7.7 with very similar technology inside, however it being an Apple device I am sure it will sell better (regardless if the product is better or worse). I guess this will make it a good product and the SGT 7.7 is not good?

            I don't consider any Apple products good. I loathe everything about Apple. Everything. And all Aple products are overpriced too, but I won't go into that here.

            I'll just restate that a product is only worth as much as people are willing to pay for it. If you put something up on ebay and nobody bids on it, you've likely set your starting price too high. Drop it down and people will probably start bidding. Most reviews also mention the price of the product (regardless of what the product is..tablet, video game, car, whatever) because they need to consider whether it's good value or not.

            "Overpriced" means exactly that - the price does not match what people expect to pay. High end Sennheiser canalphones are not overpriced, because people are more than willing to hand over that kind of money for them. They see the quality in the product and consider it worth the money that is being asked for it. The SGT 7.7 however WAS overpriced, and consumers were not willing to open their wallets. And that's the major difference.

              Nobody disputed that "a product is only worth as much as people are willing to pay for it", that is not what we were talking about (nice straw man though). IMO for a product to be "GOOD" has nothing to do what people are willing to pay.

              From your example of the 3DS, if I get one at launch, according to you it was not a "GOOD" product (as it was overpriced). The price dropped and suddenly it becomes "GOOD". Now hass my launch model become a "GOOD" product as the 3DS is now a "GOOD" (according to you)? Or is everyone else’s "GOOD" but not mine as I paid the higher price?

              As a side note, after typing the word good that many times it strikes me as a funny looking word ;P

      If you followed any of the litigation you would know it is not about the size and shape. Don't troll for the sake of it.

    Here we go again. Prepare for an article on each individual part of the Mini as its released

    looks gross

    It has to be fake. I don't see the included sheet of sand paper anywhere in these photos.

    Am I the only one here that thinks that the name " ipad mini" sounds like a feminine hygiene product?

      Weren't you listening when the original iPad came out? It was feminine hygiene joke central.

      Still sold a bucket load though hey?

    why would they not have it running IOS6?

    If you zoom the image, you can clearly see pixelation around the Apple logo and the iPad branding from it being pasted in. Fake picture

    Nahhh, it's just the iPhone 6

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