Ridiculous Home Theatre Looks Like A Camaro Crashed Into Your Home

Appealing to only die-hard Gone In 60 Seconds fans, this garish home theatre system started life as a 1969 Camaro RS/SS that unfortunately now has to spend the rest of its life in someone's rumpus room. The only silver lining is that only one was ever created.

What's most peculiar about the setup is that the 55-inch TV can be automatically raised and lowered into the vehicle's engine compartment thanks to a commercial grade lifting mechanism, while the other components — like a Blu-ray player or sound bar — can be hidden behind the car's grill. Because apparently when company comes you don't want the TV or other AV gear to look out of place in your living room. You'll instead want your guests to appreciate the 1969 Camaro sticking out of your wall for what it is — $US10,000 worth of ridiculous. [TV Lift Cabinet Blog via HomeChunk]


    Is this only ridiculous because the actual image on the TV is Happy Feet? I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to sell this to die-hard fans if you themed them for say F1 or the V8s :)

      You wouldn't happen to be wearing a Plaid Shirt and thongs would you?

    I would rather get my face tattooed with an ad for a porn-site than get one of these.

      So don't get it. Is that somehow difficult for you to comprehend?

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