RFID Will Ensure You Never Lose Another Sock

Pushing war and world hunger to the back of the line, the next important issue that technology is tackling is mismatched and missing socks. A company called Blacksocks has developed what it's claiming are the world's first smart socks that make them virtually impossible to mismatch and incredibly easy to find in a basket overflowing with laundry.

Spending $US189 on 10 pairs of boring black socks might seem a little outrageous, but that price tag includes RFID buttons sewn onto each one, and a handheld wireless detector that can be used to find each sock's proper mate -- ensuring they all wear evenly over time. It can even be waved over a mountain of similar looking socks and will automatically beep when a given one's match is nearby. It's as much genius as it is ridiculously over-the-top.

Furthermore, an accompanying free iOS app lets you snap a photo of an ageing sock with your iPhone's camera and take a "black reading" so you can know for sure when they've faded to the point where they'd be embarrassing to wear. Because that's the part here you need to be embarrassed about. [Blacksocks]



    The perfect way to subtly transform yourself into Sheldon Cooper.

    Technically, this won't stop you from losing a sock. It'll just make it easier to notice when one is gone.

    Um get rid of the iPhone and use one with NFC built in. Duuuuurrrr

    There's an invention of a chain of mesh zip bags where you put a pair of socks in each bag before putting the lot in the washer, and then hang them to dry in the bags.

    15 dollars. Or, as someone suggested above, buy a phone with NFC, because some people can afford to change their phones on a whim.

    no one loses socks in the basket, they disappear in the washing machine everyone knows that

    Our species is doomed.

    Wont somebody think of the ball point pens ?......

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Now I just need ones won't get holes where my big toe is... and yes I cut my toenails regularly too :-P

    why not, you know - use pegs when washing them to hold them together. Or sew magnets into the socks so that you can clip them together...

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