Pre-Peeled, Re-Wrapped Bananas Are The Most Wasteful Sign Of The Apocalypse Yet

In what has to be the worst case of wasteful packaging in the history of modern conveniece, a grocery store in Austria is actually selling pre-peeled bananas that have then been re-packaged in cellophane-covered foam trays. One of the reasons bananas have been billed as the world's most perfect food is that they come with their own biodegradable packaging straight off the tree. And it's not like you need a knife or some wacky kitchen contraption to peel them -- the skin practically falls off on its own. Not surprisingly most customers are up in arms over the ridiculous repackaging stunt, except for the chain's animated clientele who are optimistic the banished peels will dramatically reduce the risk of countless cartoon slipups.

What's even more maddening is that the supermarket chain's slogan urges customers to use more common sense when shopping. "Paper, plastic, or ironic, sir?" [AustrianTimes via FoodBeast]

Image: AustrianTimes


    This needs to be banned, absolutely ridiculous.

    "This needs to be bananed"



    INSANE!!!!..... The people who made that decision need to step away and take a breath! and see the forest for the trees.....(while they still exist).... And I agree there should be wasteful packaging legislation that prevents this kind of thing. ..... We should all shop at a co-op and bring your own Containers!!!!

    What do they do with the Peels?

    Geez, carbon footprint of a full meal not to mention the chemicals they're bathed in to stop them turning brown

      the package would be full of harmless nitrogen. its called modified atmosphere packaging or map for short. lots of products are packed like that. meat sold on supermarkets but prepared and packed at a factory and instant coffee are two that come to mind

        Very cool, did not know this. Learn something new every day!

    Wait..... lettuce, grapes and other high water content leafy fruit and vegetables are a greater oh&s/public liability risk than bananas oh-natural. And those bananas will look horrible due to oxidation. Unless the pack them in a non toxic gas.

      Yeah but that is what is so stupid.


      They should stick to throwin' shrimps on the barbie!


        I do hope that's sarcasm and you not being a retard

    I'm going to guess that the store had a load of perfectly good bananas with discoloured skins, knew they would be hard to sell, so got rid of the problem.

      Ding ding ding!

      You win.

    Austrians not Australians >.

    I think you might be over exaggerating a little. This store does not exclusively sell only pre-pelled bananas. Instead they were actually trying to save the food that was going off, by peeling off the brown skin, cutting off the black spots and repackaging to help it last through the day. I would be giving them a pat on the back for not being lazy and just throwing it in the bin!

    Seriously guys some of these articles are just pathetic....

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