Philips' New Airfryer XL Serves Up Even More Low-Fat, Air-Fried Snacks

It seems counterintuitive for a product that's designed to promote healthy snacking, but Philips has updated its AirFryer cooker with the XL model. You can now whip up 50 per cent more fries about 30 per cent faster with 80 per cent less fat that regular deep-frying methods.

Like the original, the AirFryer XL uses a combination of piping hot circulating air and a unique starfish-shaped design inside to fry up foods using a minimal amount of oil. So while a diet of strictly eating french fries is still a terrible idea, you're at least better off making them in one of these machines than drowning them in a vat of oil.

What's particularly great is that the new model has the same footprint as the original, so it won't gobble up more counter space. And when it's available for a yet-to-be-disclosed price, it will come with accessories for baking other types of snacks, as well as your choice of a black or white finish.

[Philips via Pocket-lint]

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