Pee Pro Urinal Target Turns Your Toilet Into A Carnival Game

The easiest way to get anyone to do anything is to make the task fun and enjoyable. And while it's sad that gents have to be coerced into properly using a urinal, the Pee Pro promises to promote accuracy by encouraging every user to be as on-target as possible.

Priced at just $16 it's exactly as cheap as a device that will be peed upon — and hopefully never touched again — needs to be. A small LCD display presumably times how long the user stays on target, but how do 'players' prove they've gotten the high score? Are they supposed to snap a photo of the Pee Pro with their phone? That's gross. Do they have to call their friends in to the bathroom to see it in person? Even grosser. An online leaderboard could be a solution, but registering your name could be an even bigger challenge. [Urban Outfitters via Incredible Things]

Images by Photokup & Hilch/Shutterstock

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