Parachute Bag Collapses With A Tug

Collapsing the average reusable bag into its compact form is more challenging than most MENSA puzzles. So save yourself the frustration with Michael Pappas' brilliant Chute bag that automatically collapses as you yank on its built-in ripcord — like a bizarro world parachute.

To hold its shape as you fill it full of groceries or other purchases, the bottom of the Chute bag is lined with a series of lightweight carbon fibre tubes that also help it collapse the same way every time. You'll wonder why every single reusable bag isn't designed like this, until you discover the Chute's obscene $US83 price tag. All of a sudden the reusable bag you got from the supermarket starts to seem like a worthwhile challenge.

[The Future Perfect via BLTD]

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