Pack All Your Pals Around This Beautiful Wooden Dining Table

I just moved into a new apartment, and I have no dinner table. We are eating like savages on the couch with plates perched on our laps. So I've been scouring the internet for just the right piece, and right now I'm crushing on this Emerson Dining Table from West Elm<.

Made out of reclaimed pine with its joints exposed, it's like one of those big community tables you see at coffee shops. And that's part of the reason why I like it — you can pack in all your friends for a rousing potluck dinner. If, perhaps, you don't have many friends, you can buy the smaller, 185cm model for $US1000. Otherwise, there's an 221cm model for $US1200. In the event you don't want to own up to buying it at West Elm, its vintage looks give you room to lie and say you got it at the markets. [West Elm]


    Or just make it out of drift wood. Looks about the same

    i want to craft this with my own hands and nothing but wood. I am pondering how you would join the legs to the table?

      could you just chisel out a recess on the underside aligned to the legs so they just slide in

    You could use a router to let in the top of the two legs and secure them with angle blocks... Probably need 4 blocks for each leg.

    @Patrick If you look closely there is a thin piece of wood between the legs and table. Counter sink some screws from that piece to the legs then screw it to the underside of the table. the piece running throught the middle will help stabalise it.

    I made my own table using a similar technique to this. Was less than $150 even using quality lacquers. Took quite a few hours to make, though.

    not to my taste for indoor furniture.
    It'd look like it's been swiped from the public BBQ pit at the local park.

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